I heart Disney+ Ms. Marvel! Don’t sue me, Disney.

I heart the Disney+ Ms. Marvel show. It has heart, it has family, it has a lead actress who is a perfect Kamala Khan, and it had a hardass villainess who compares well to torturer Agent Rogersz of Repo Man (“No one is innocent!”).

The Disney+ Ms. Marvel has very cool superpowers. The origins of the powers differ form the comics. Now that I have seen the entire first season, I say they improve on them. The Terrigen Mists in the comics should really be called the MacGuffin Fog. (Look up McGuffin.) Making Kamala’s Disney+ powers relate to her background was smart.

I previously mentioned her purple energy-construct superpowers and how they differ from her stretchy/growing/shrinking powers in the comics. But I admit her Disney+ powers look cool and operate well. Her blue stepping disk thing is the best substitute for flying since Spider-Man’s web swinging.

But this gets to Ms. Marvel’s big purple fist. (I have to take their word for the color, I am a little color blind.)

Here’s Super Holly’s big blue fist. Super Holly was there first, back in 2016, when I first published Super Bad Hair Day.

But Green Lantern did giant fists way before Super Holly and Ms. Marvel. So I am not worried.

Let’s get to the big bracelet thing. Kamala and Holly both have one, but for different purposes.

Kamala’s bracelet is what lets her channel her superpowers. It is also part of her family heritage, making it a better MacGuffin. I wonder if someday, the bracelet will be lost or destroyed, and Kamala will desperately say her powers are gone, how can she save the day? Then Yogurt from Spaceballs will appear as a Schwartz ghost and say, “The bracelet is bupkis, I got it out of a Crackerjack box! The power is in you, Kamala, it’s always been in you!”

Super Holly’s e-bracelet was there first, in 2016, but it has nothing to do with her superpowers. Rather, it is her version of an iPhone (or Android phone, which is what I use). I decided Super Holly would not have super-vision or super-hearing. She uses her e-bracelet (and an app like Google Maps) to find her way when flying. Also, Holly goes on the superhero-clock when she gets a call on her e-bracelet. I wanted her to have a life other than listening all day and night for cries of, “Help! Help help!”

Okay, I admit it, Futurama’s Leela had an e-bracelet way before Super Holly. Please don’t sue me, Leela. Please?

Image by jeremiasamorim2 from Pixabay

Ice Cream Guy! HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!!!

Nathan Hanley, the writer/artist/creator of Truth & Consequence, drew my villain Ice Cream Guy, and captured him very well! I can hear his evil laugh: HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!!! I wanted, among other things, the crazy eyes like Gowron from Deep Space Nine. This is going into my next book! (For my story The Snoring Sword.)

New Holly and Kittygirl art!

I was at Powerhouse Comic Con last Saturday. I had some artists draw new art. I was thinking of my upcoming book of short stories, The Rise of the Stumpfinger (aiming for an August release).

More great art from Branden Sanderson. He drew Super Holly lifting a tank with her telekinetic power. Normally, I’d have Holly’s telekinetic hand imitate the movement of her flesh-and-blodd hand. Branden did Holly doing the lifting in her head. Well, Holly does have a strong mind. Strong enough to juggle army tanks. I still love that lightening effect. This art made Branden say he was going to study the undersides of tanks.

And this piece. I asked for it. I asked Aaron Roberts to draw Holly in a teeny weeny squeeze-the-superheroine bikini. And he did, and how! I think in Miss Super Duper, when Holly is in a super beauty contest because the sexist John Glutt swapped her suit with one that shrank into a teeny bikini, I will hide the lower half of the bikini to build up to that third arrow. I can build up to Holly going super-ballistic. Her WTF is “What the FRAK?!?!” Arron thought of those three arrows, so I am gonna run with them!

Tobe Daranouvong of villain-comic.com drew another art piece for me: Super Holly realizing The God Glove is stuck on her hand. Oops! Okay, no universe-shaking thoughts now…

This is my fave! Isabel Ruiz (instagram) drew Kittygirl happily dreaming of punching Stumpfinger. I saw her art, and knew she’d draw Kittygirl well. I showed her some Kittygirl art, she said she’d like to draw something domestic, like Kittygirl taking a nap. I knew what Kittygirl would be dreaming of. I want more of her work! (Kittygirl will be the hero of The Shrinking Superheroine.)

I will be at the Bay Area Book Festival Sunday May 8

At the Bay Area Book Festival, at the CWC booth (California Writer Club), booth #72, I will be there from 2-3:30, selling my book Super Bad Hair Day. Also, you can pick a free copy of my super short story, The Little Green Man. Here is the website: https://www.baybookfest.org

Stop by. Talk to authors. Buy books. There will be LOTS of books besides mine! Who knows, you might even see me writing, if my iPad can get on the web from there.

A shot at John Galt, cuz John Galt

There is a reason that one of my main villains is named John Glutt.

On a recent Facebook thread, a woman who wrote something nice about Super Holly on my Super Bad Hair Day page (I am still thankful) responded to my saying that if John Galt tried to do in Silicon Valley what he did in Atlas Shrugged (get all the superior superhuman CEOs/engineers/artists/etc. to go on strike and go to Galt’s Gulch), all the Silicon Valley geeks and nerds would gleefully step into the gaps. She said that would actually make John Galt happy.

I must respond, UH UH!!! John Galt would throw a hissy fit at those not agreeing with him that the motor of the world needed to be stopped along with a huge percentage of the general populace that would be stopped (wiped out, eliminated, deep-sixed, bumped off, croaked, liquidated, mowed down, oh you get the idea). When Galt announced that, “He stood like a man who knew that he was right” like a good little sociopath. Ayn never read Bertrand Russell: “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

Ayn Rand loathed anyone who did not worship her Objectivist ideas (likely explains why she always wore a sourpuss face). Note the relief ships Ragnar sinks so the starving will continue to starve and die, or the train wreck scene where people that disagreed were suffocated, burned, and buried under a mountain. I guess Ayn could not think of even more ways to torture those men, women, and children (the kids likely did not disagree or even care, but their mommy must have, and that was enough for Ayn to choke/burn/bury them).

Alan Moore (writer of the graphic novel Watchmen) recently said that writers should not only read good books, but bad ones. Read what they are writing wrong, and know that you can write better than that. That might mean I hafta read more of that rancid rotten Atlas Shrugged. Yuck! I have a scene that I have not written into a story yet. My character Fran Lee (gender-flipped Stan Lee) tells Cal Critbert (Holly’s love interest) that Super Holly once read some of Atlas Shrugged (or whatever I’d call the equivalent book in Holly’s world). Cal asks Fran, “What did Holly think of it?” Fran says, “She threw the book across the room.” Then Fran takes down a painting to show a hole in the wall, and says, “And into the next room.”

If you do not want to read Atlas Shrugged, but you want to know how bad it is, try H.M. Turnbull’s essay.

Woke: Season 2 now on Hulu!

I just binged the first half of the season. Start of steam-of-consciousness notes:

Keef now has $250,000 for the Keef Knight Project? What could possibly go wrong?

Keef bites into a peach from Clovis’s dad, grown near Modesto. I grew up around there, and the only good peaches are fresh from California central valley backyards, picked at the peak of ripeness. Store-bought peaches are only good for billiard balls.

Darn, why do the ads have to be SO MUCH LOUDER THAN THE SHOW?!?! (FYI, Mr. loud iPhone ad, I use Android. But I do love my iPad.)

I love Clovis’s cranky old dad. And the Keef gang lanced his foot boil, Doctor Pimple Popper style.

Ah, a discussion of how to take a shower: hands or washcloth. I am a hands guy.

Now Keef is selling KKP (Keef Knight Project) shoes. Hmm, what can possibly go wrong?

So, do white people wash their legs in the shower? I do. With my hands, no washcloth. I soap myself up all over except for where I can’t reach on my back. I’m in my 60s, so I am not a flexy as I used to be.

“I have her delicious oppressed blood on my hands.”

Gunther asked a white encounter group (headed by a black man) if any of them actually know any black people. I admit that I have wanted to ask that question to a lot of people when they post something dumb on Facebook. Turns out the black leader is helping these fragile whites get over white guilt, and making a buck at it. Well, it is a capitalist system, anything that works that don’t hurt.

I am laughing out loud when Gunther is in the shower, contemplating a washcloth.

End of stream-of-consciousness notes. Watch Woke. It is funny and smart, and makes you contemplate washcloths.

Here are Keef and I from his presentation last Monday at the Cartoon Art Museum where he showed the first episode of season 2. Keef will still talk to the little people. Or at least stand next to them (I did not have to fight past any 300-pound lumpy bodyguards). I gave a copy of Super Bad Hair Day to Keef.

And guess who else was there? Trina Robbins, herstorian extraordinaire! I gave her a copy of Super Bad Hair Day also, because she is a cool lady.

Keef with two of the Hulu cast: Lamorne Morris and Sasheer Zamata. Sasheer is one of those actresses who looks even more stunning in real life. I have seen that effect at the San Diego Comic Con, and I will never build up an immunity to it.

P.S. When I got into the line to get into the museum, Keef recognized me even when I had my Spider-Man mask on. He was happy to see me. Wow. I know a famous person. Met a couple other comic artist/writer guys from old comic cons, and they remembered my face also. I had trouble remember ing one of their faces. My facial-recognition software is not reliable.

Independent Press Award for Fault Zone: Reverse!

And my story, The God Glove, is in that award-winning book! From Laurel Ann Hill’s press release:

“(Orinda, CA) — The INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD (IPA) has recognized Fault Zone: Reverse as the winner in the Anthology Category of their annual indies competition. Laurel Anne Hill, the Editor-in- Chief, was delighted to inform CWC anthology contributors that they all are now nationally recognized “award-winning” authors and poets.”

Can it be that MY MOST EXCELLENT story propelled this book to national recognition! Or was it all the other MOST EXCELLENT authors from the SF/Peninsula branch of the California Writers Club? Super Holly Hansson and I are just happy this book got this TOTALLY KEWL award, and that my story thus won a teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy percentage of it (I’ll take all the credit I can get)!

I thank the Fault Zone editing team, especially my “evil editor” Laurel Ann Hill (her quote from her emails) who removed lotsa exclamation marks and otherwise made my universe-encompassing, godhood-temptation story worthy of inclusion in Fault Zone:Reverse. Eat your heart out, Thanos, it took you several Marvel movies to do what The God Glove did in 3000 words! Pick up a copy of Fault Zone: Reverse and read, for it will improve your mind, tickle your soul, and clean up your zits.

Power Girl Going Objectivist? Say It Ain’t So!

Remember Power Girl from 2009-2020? Amanda Conner’s art: I liked the good girl art that did justice to Power Girl’s powerful build, but I adored the faces. Amanda Conner knows that it is all in the face.

Jimmy Palmiotti’s writing made Power Girl strong, powerful, smart, and very very human. Heading a startup company. Caring for her cat. Taking young superheroine Terra under her wing and showing her the ropes. Fighting off the obnoxious advances of Sean-Connery-esque Vartox the Hyper Man. Strong and powerful Power Girl almost bawling at the sight of Terra hugging her parents, Power Girl sorely misses everyone from the Earth-2 universe (which DC blowed up good). Harley Quinn hilariously hitting on Power Girl in her comics.

Power Girl: sexy, smart, brave, there’s-always-a-way heroic, and very very human. Until now.

In One Star Squadron, where Red tornado is running a business of small-time heroes trying to get work, Power Girl is hooked on Max Lord’s book, Realize The Prize: 9 Ways to take What’s Yours. She pushes it on co-workers. She listens to it on audio tape. She tries to backstab Red Tornado.

She ain’t the Power Girl I know and love. Did someone implant her Kryptonian brain with Ayn Rand neurons? Did Max Lord mind-control her (he has that power)? Did Lex Luthor hypnotize her with a solid gold watch embedded with a Kryptonite jewel (he has the cash)? Or is the writer kind of objectivist?

Not that last one. The writer is Mark Russell, and he is writing a six issue series about superheroes as working stiffs. Heroz4u gives Minute Man a job as an entertainer at a kid’s party, he takes the power pill that gives him superpowers for one minute, the kids pelt him with hammers, HA HA HA, the black market pill wears off 13 seconds too soon, and THUD, blood, OW OW OW! Jack o’ Lantern almost rescues people from a sinking ship, when he gets a phone-app message for a gig and flies off for the paying job. The android Red Tornado, manager of Heroz4u, gives every washed-up hero every chance he can. Even Gangbuster: homeless, heartbroken, and nearly brainless after what seems to be too many blows to his big heroic head. Laughter and sadness. Heroes being hurt, being jerks, being human.

If you want to read good, down-to-Earth comic book writing, read One Star Squadron. Mark Russell also wrote Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles. Some of the best comic book writing in the last decade. Buy that and read that too, it is worth your time and money. I can forgive Mark turning Power Girl into something less than heroic. Her heroine-going-jerk is still good reading.

I can still hope that Power Girl got exposed to Jerkonium. Maybe a crabby patty will fix her up! Krabby patties cheered up Super Holly.

Super Holly and Kittygirl watch Batman 66!

At a recent little comic con, I met Spencer Scott Holmes, who writes and draws a comic book called Pizza Boyz (I bought and am enjoying Pizza Boyz Season 2). I asked if he’d draw some Super Holly art, and he said yes (for a fee, of course, we are not communists). I noted his story about the death of an old CRT TV, and our convo turned to Adam West Batman. I remembered how SERIOUSLY I took that show when I was a kid, and that I now enjoy it on another level. I asked Spencer to draw Super Holly and Kittygirl watching Batman 66 with different reactions. He even colored it (he likes drawing from digital). Thanks, Spencer! KLONK! THWACK! KER-POWIE!!!

I want my Embiggen!

If you write for a long enough time, somebody will do kinda what you do, no matter how obscure you are. Case in point: My Super Holly Hansson, and Marvel’s Ms. Marvel.

I decided years ago that Super Holly would have a form of telekinesis that would be an extension of her super-strength. That way, she can grab and lift great big things like trucks, boats, and tanks without ripping off a hunk of metal, or finding the exact center of balance of the huge heavy object that would otherwise tip out of her little human-size hands. And it did not take long for me to write that as big blue transparent telekinetic hands, and even feet (Holly will kick, and where it counts if her opponent is nasty enough). Here is what Holly’s telekinetic power looks like. (Art by Branden Sanderson.)

(Note: Holly’s bracelet is her phone, it has nothing to do with her powers. But its Google-Map-type app does help her find where she is going when she flies.)

And here is what Ms. Marvel’s superpower is going to look like in her Disney+ series.

A big blue telekinetic fist. Sigh. I did publish Super Holly’s blue telekinesis first in Super Bad Hair Day. Yes, I was there first, although I bet more people have heard of Disney. Or Ms. Marvel, for that matter. Here is what Ms. Marvel’s power used to look like.

Ms. Marvel grows HUGE fists to punch the bad guys with her catchphrase of “Embiggen!” She stretches her arms and legs, kinda like gangly-long-limbed teenagers. She can grow to giant size, and shrink to bug size. Makes great comic book art that reminds us adults how clumsy we were when we were in our teens.

But her powers are morphing from growy/stretchy to kinda like Holly’s telekinesis. From Mister Fantastic (rubbery stretchy body and limbs) to Green Lantern (energy constructs). Probably for reasons of economy, I suspect the Green Lantern thing would be a lot easier to special-effect into a live-action series.

Am I worried? Nah. First: If I ever gain any Super Holly fame, I can prove that I was here first. Second: I doubt Disney would care about or even notice me. Third: Green Lantern was here before Super Holly or Ms. Marvel. Fourth: Unlike Ms. Marvel, Super Holly has super-strength, flight, bulletproof, bomb-knife-grenade-and-so-on-proof, and a very short temper.

I hope that the Ms. Marvel series is good. Should be, Marvel Cinematic Universe has a good track record. I hope they keep Ms. Marvel’s (Kamala Khan) character as fun as she is in the comics. And please please PLEASE keep her wonderful mother and father! And do I have to say it, keep her Muslim. (Super Holly grew up kinda Swedish Lutheran, like Lake Woebegone. Like me. Adds a little flavor.)

And please please please, keep “EMBIGGEN!!!”