Audio Stories

This page has links to my audio stories on SoundCloud. (Not downloadable yet because I am doing this for free.)

The Intellecta-Rhapsody! Super Holly Hansson must stop arguing with her boyfriend’s dark, grim super-car to stop the evil Rocky from stealing a superpowered tank.

Download The Intellecta Rhapsody on PDF.

The Malevolent Mystery Meat! Tucker and Wrigley, the brothers with super-puppy powers, must save their classmates and mightiest-of-all Super Holly Hansson from the superpower-sucking, evil-laughing, mystery-meat-serving cafeteria lunch ladies.

Download The Malevolent Mystery Meat on PDF.

The Sinister Sugar Rush! At Super Holly Hansson’s birthday party at Katsuko “Kittygirl” Kimura’s school, KIttygirl must stop the evil cafeteria lunch ladies from giving her classmates and Super Holly a sugar rush that builds to a KABOOM!!!

Super Bad Hair Day! My first short story, published on Kindle. Super Holly Hansson begs her barber Lash to please fix her super-messed-up hair before the darkest, scariest, grimmest of all confronts her. Holly tells Lash how it happened in her fight with the hulking Harry Headbutt.

The Poet and the Supersplainer! Super Holly Hansson and her beloved boyfriend, the caped and cowled Cal “The Intellectual” Critbert, must stop the Karate Queen from stealing a prototype 5-D phone from Apricot Computer’s CEO, Chris Jobz.