Excerpt from Kittygirl in The Fiendish Brain Freezer!

The story so far: After eating a strawberry ice cream cone from the evil Ice Cream Guy, Super Holly Hansson became his mindless, brain-frozen slave. Eight year old Katsuko “Kittygirl” Kimura had not eaten any of that ice cream, her being lactose intolerant. However, ice cream guns froze Kittygirl in a big lump of rock-hard ice cream, her cute little head poking out the top. Kittygirl, Holly, Ice Cream Guy, and his minions are at a warehouse where Ice Cream Guy gloats to Kittygirl in proper super villain fashion that his forty foot tall Cone of Doom will soon be filled with superpowered ice cream, and will then play a tune that will brain-freeze and enslave everyone in town. Kittygirl is scared, cold, unable to move, unable to get her beloved hero Holly to listen to her or even to look at her, then a shaft of sunlight warmed Kittygirl’s face and made her purr despite herself.

Kittygirl still purred, for the sun on her face felt really nice … wait! She could feel her fingers again! But the ice cream was still cold … Her purring! It warmed her up! She purred harder!

Ice Cream Guy pointed to the top of the empty cone. “Holly, fill my cone!”

Holly reached toward the freezer. Two giant transparent hands formed before her. That was Holly’s telekinetic power that she used when she had to hold or punch really big stuff. Holly motioned with her human hands. Her telekinetic hands motioned also: they flew to the freezer, opened its top, reached in, and lifted out a elephant-sized glob of ice cream. The hands dropped it into the cone with a loud PLOIP!

Kittygirl purred harder. The ice cream was looser! She squirmed a little bit.
Ice Cream Guy hopped with glee. “N-n-n-now, Holly, fill my ice cream with your super p-p-p-power!”

Like a zombie, Holly pointed her arms at the top of the giant cone. Big beams of light streamed from her hands and into the huge scoop of ice cream. Which began to glow.
Kittygirl throbbed with super purring power! Her ice cream cage softened more! Just another few seconds!

Ice Cream Guy punched buttons on the control panel. That ice cream music blared from the cone. Really loud! The ice cream blob topping the giant cone lit up in time with each tinny note. Ice Cream Guy’s smile lit up too. “Ah, my superpowered song resonates!” A pointer on the control panel dial slowly tilted toward a big red dot at the far right. “Soon, it will f-f-f-freeze every brain in town!”

Holly stood like a sleepwalker, streaming her power at the giant cone. Ice Cream Guy stared hard at Holly’s long, strong legs. “Such pretty popsicles.” Then at Holly’s big, round chest. “Such creamy cones.” He moaned into Holly’s ear, “You and I, we shall make b-b-b-beautiful sundaes together.” And yuck, yuck, YUCK, his big fat tongue licked from Holly’s cheek all the way up to her frozen forehead: SAH-LUUURRRRP!

Kittygirl folded back her super-sensitive ears, but that icky lick still made her go, “EEEWWWWW!”

Ice Cream Guy turned toward her, his icy eyes cold and angry, then really big and surprised. His tongue was still stuck on Holly’s frozen head! He flailed his arms and pushed at Holly with both hands. His tongue stayed glued. Super-strong Holly didn’t budge a millimeter. “Stugg,” Ice Cream Guy said, “I’B STUUUUUGGG!”

Kittygirl flexed her legs and YES, she leaped free of the ice cream! She was kinda gooey, but she repressed the urge to lick herself clean. That glacier glob in the giant cone glowed like a sun! How could she stop it, it was so big and she was so small … and the giant cone stood on its itty-bitty teeny-tiny tip! That was so STUPID! Kittygirl got on all fours—she was lots faster that way—and she charged like a cheetah!

Ice Cream Guy’s head bounced like a basketball on Holly’s skull. He frantically pointed at Kittygirl. “Iceth cweam minionth! APPACK!”

The ice cream minions ran at Kittygirl. The first one dived at her.

“ROWL!” snarled Kittygirl. She lashed out her clawed hand.

The minion’s pants fell down and tangled around his knees. He face-planted on the floor with a SPLAT! Kittygirl leaped over him in a single bound.

Two minions aimed fat guns at her, the gun barrels just like the nozzles that had sprayed her back in the van. But to Kittygirl’s fast kittycat vision, the minions moved underwater slow! She lanced out clawed hand and foot with a “HISSSS!”

The guns split in half, ice cream plopped out, and the guys got stuck in an ice cream puddle that froze their feet in place.

The remaining minions stormed at Kittygirl. She jumped at them. And she retracted her claws, she didn’t want to cut those poor minions! Her arms and legs throbbed with super-kitty strength as they whirled like propeller blades and bashed her fists and feet on minion faces: BIFF BOP BAM POW BOFF KA-POWIE!

The minions plopped to the ground like jelly bowling pins.

Kittygirl’s heart beat hard and fast and heroic! She flying-somersaulted over the control panel, Ice Cream Guy and Holly. That dial was almost touching the red zone! She landed at the base of the big cone and extended her front claws: SKNIT! She scratched and slashed at the cone’s base, her arms and hands a clawed blur! Metal shreds flew like a snowstorm! “ROWRRR, HISSSSS!”

“NOOOOO! SSSSTOOOOBB!” yelled Ice Cream Guy. “Hoolbb! Grbb hrbb, GRBB HRBB!”
No way Holly understood that. But she kept beaming power!

A tearing metal scream: KKKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRCK! The cone tilted like a giant movie robot passing out.

“Timber!” yelled Kittygirl, and leaped twenty feet out of the way.

The cone fell straight at Ice Cream Guy and Holly. Holly punched her giant telekinetic fist at the cone: BLONNNGGG! It flew across the warehouse and clanged on the floor like a giant bell. Then she smushed it flat: KRRRUNKCH! Just like Ice Cream Guy had said to do.

The ice cream gushed onto the floor and melted: BLURP BLURP BLURP BLUUUURRRRRP SLLLUUUSHHHHHHH!

Kittygirl stuck her tongue out at Ice Cream Guy: “NNNNN!” Then a bolt of fear made her meow. Ice Cream Guy’s tongue, it wasn’t stuck on Holly! If he spoke … Kittygirl spotted an open window several yards above the floor. She ran and leaped!

“HOLLY! GRAB HER!” yelled Ice Cream Guy.

Holly’s telekinetic hand engulfed Kittygirl from her neck to her toes. The window was only inches away. The hand turned Kittygirl away from it, from freedom. A fifty-foot long transparent arm stretched from Holly’s right arm, pointing at Kittygirl like a compass needle. Kittygirl struggled and wriggled, but Holly’s telekinetic hand was way too strong. Holly reeled Kittygirl in.

Ice Cream Guy knelt in the giant ice cream puddle. He looked about to cry. “My ice cream. My lovely ice cream.” He locked his icy eyes on Kittygirl. “You did this!” He walked toward her. Menacingly.


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