Holly Artwork

On this page is Holly artwork, done by the wonderful Batton Lash. He was nice enough to do color artwork along with several sketches. Scroll to see it all, lots of pics and text on this page. (You can go to Super Bad Hair Day on Amazon if you want to buy the book.)

HOLLY COVER Reviz 3To the left is the cover art for Holly’s Super Bad Hair Day short story. (Actually several short stories and Chapter Zero of my upcoming novel, such a deal for 99 cents!) The barber is my barber Lash (no relation to Batton Lash). Below, I am using the “Eyes Up Here” art on my creative writing business cards. Batton said Holly should not have a yellow cape, the cape needs to contrast with her hair. Holly is the Superman of her world, so red cape for Holly. Note Holly’s beaky nose. I do not want Holly to have a cute Barbie face. Dark eyebrows, eagle-beak nose, big blue eyes for Holly. The grail-shaped clasp for the cape is a nod to The DaVinci Code, which started me writing these stories in the first place. Her e-bracelet—my nod to Wonder Woman—is an iPhone-type device; she can use maps to see where she is flying. HOLLY EYES Reviz 2The hip bag is a nod to Batton Lash’s suggestion about the old Carmine Infantino Batgirl costume. Holly needs a place to put her stuff (comic books, novels, display and writing keyboard, maybe a little makeup). Holly’s (super) chest? My nod to Power Girl, I adored Amanda Conner’s run on that character. And I want Holly to have to deal with the irritations of being a superheroine. HOLLY POSE Reviz2 Like how they are drawn. Holly went from A-cup to triple-D in a couple of minutes when her superpowers manifested. She will never completely adjust to that, and will never willingly show cleavage. I wanted the costume’s trunkline (Batton used that term, he knows superhero art and costumes) low enough so that it will not show butt-cheeks like so many other superheroine costumes do, doesn’t that give them wedgies? A running gag is that Holly’s costume sometimes rides up her rear, and she hates that. The blonde hair came with her powers, Holly likes the hair. DAVE STROM'S HOLLY

I thought about the chest logo a long time. Should I have one? All supers need a logo! A Venus symbol? Nah. A capital “O” (for The Overlady, Holly’s super-villainess-turned-superheroine in her graphic novel “The Last Super)? Too bland. A cross (another nod to The DaVinci Code)? Too Swedish or religious, take your pick. (Don’t combine a circle and cross unless you actually want a klan symbol, yuck!!!) Batton said why not an upward arrow? YES!!! He gets Holly! She wants people to look up to her face. People to whom I give the card think it’s funny. An arrow also works for Holly’s The Overlord super-dictator character, except his arrow would point down, in macho frat boy fashion. (Kudos to those who know the gag from Halo and Sprocket.)

DAVE STROM 2Here are preliminary sketches from Batton Lash. He gets Holly’s attitude: fearless with a temper. DAVE STROM 3 DAVE STROM 5

The big guy is Harry Headbutt. In my stories, he has closer-cropped hair, so his head is less hulk-like than here. Harry does have a belly, took me a while to decide that. Below, I do not know who the cap guy is. Just an innocent bystander? DAVE STROM 4 DAVE STROM 7

I had joked with Batton that maybe Holly would need a lawyer someday. Batton has the long-running comic Supernatural Law, and he did a sketch of Holly with Alanna Wolff. If my Holly stories go anywhere, who knows? Crossover someday?

4 thoughts on “Holly Artwork

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  3. Dave: Delighted 2 hv all these info from U. Will take my time 2 read it. Meantime I scanned it & like what I c. Call me 2 let me know what U r up 2. I hv several projects: short stories on the making, a writes work shop, part time work I enjoy, & am translated my novel, As Time Goes By 2 Spanish. I specially appreciate U did keep Ur word, sent me the info U promised. Camincha

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