Cybersix review

cybersixI watched Cybersix on Hulu Plus. A cartoon series about an artificial woman/superheroine, and a tragic one. The series is fun, with the best mean little kid villain of all time, overacting goofy dangerous with an occasional goose-stepping march. The heroine knows she is not really human, but she is becoming human in her head and heart, and her tears near the end of the series (I cheated and went ahead) really tug the heartstrings.

She wears a tight black catsuit and hat and cape when in super mode, and she looks great when leaping tall buildings in graceful single bounds.

The music is rather haunting and unique, and sounds like it is played upon a organ. Or synthesizer. Or something that does not sound like the typical action cartoon background music. I am reminded of the music for The Third Man, played on a single zither. (Well, the theme song has more instrumentality, and a nice female vocalist.)

Since I am writing a strong superheroine, I am naturally drawn to a character like this. The series was only 13 episodes, darn it.

The guys who wrote the comic book sued James Cameron, saying that he stole a lot of the elements here for his series Dark Angel. I can see that. But Cybersix is strong all by herself.

P.S. There was a Cybersix live action series that tanked. Another reason that I would want Holly Hansson’s adventures to be animated.


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