Holly Smacks Venom by Gazbot!

Gazbot (website, Facebook) drew another wunnerful artwork commission for me (he also did Super Holly hit with Joker Venom). I asked him to draw Super Holly grabbing Venom’s long slurpy scary tongue and punch-punch-punching Venom’s head like a paddleball. Gazbot gets nice details, doesn’t he? I think Super Holly has wanted to do this ever since Venom broke into Mary Jane Watson’s bedroom just to terrify her with his big fangy grin. Super Holly likely said this just before the artwork action: “Oh, you’re so tough, oh you’re so scary. WELL, YOU’RE PLAYING WITH THE BIG GIRLS NOW!!!” I keep imagining the sound effects as: BRUH-DUH BRUH-DUH BRUH-DUH BRUH-DUH BRUH-DUH!!!

Super Holly Hansson hates spiders. They have history. (As historically documented in my upcoming novel The Comic Book Code, Chapter Zero of which I put into Super Bad Hair Day!

P.S. I made nice progress on finally finishing the first draft of The Comic Book Code. Not sure if I will finish by Saturday midnight, but I am likely to come close. I find I have written a lot more than I thought over the years. And I just found that I can both cut one chapter way down, AND I can torture Super Holly by not letting her play in the newly superpowered Comic Convent! WIN WIN!!!

I am noveling again!!! Nanowrimo totally RULEZ!!!

I have returned to The Comic Book Code, the novel I have not finished of Super Holly Hansson’s origin story. I have my outline (30 chapters, I really can’t cut it down much). I started today filling in the gaps. I happily discovered that I made progress over the years; for example, I have Chapters 0 to 5 pretty much filled up.

I found a trick for filling in plot holes and adding some beloved gags I do not want to edit out. At the end of most chapters, I can add a page or so of quick behind-the-scenes stuff. Like Bennie the cop discovering that John Glutt faked his death: “Whoever was here, he lost a lotta ketchup.” Or Bunni Bonita seducing Harry Headbutt to be her muscle slave: (seductive bimbo Jedi voice) “You don’t need to see my badgie-wadgie, I’m what you’re looking for!” Neater and quicker than adding new chapters.

I started writing The Comic Book Code way back in the heyday of The DaVinci Code. Yes, it has been that long. But I switched to short stories when the novel got up to 80 chapters. That is WAY TOO MANY!!! I worked on the outline off and on over the past couple of years. I tilted it to fit our modern times. I think Billington Stumpfinger (Trumpy villain) will be in there, although he will not be the main antagonist in this book.

I also found a great way to tempt Holly to the dark side: offer her a role in The Last Super movie instead of doing her superheroine training. THAT is how you tempt a writer, with her own writing!

I do not know if I will hit 50,000 words. But I have a great shot at getting every chapter at least in first draft shape.

I love November. The nanowrimo write-ins, the word count, the big halfway party (hope that happens this year), and I hope a lot more novel at the end of the month. I need to finish this novel so I can get to my Super Civil War and have President Stumpfinger declare war on California.

Another Trump-tummy punch! And 3 days to Kickstart SUCKER vol 2!!!

Trump has a tummy that Super Holly loves to punch! John Heebink (instagram, a little bio) sent me this a few weeks ago, and just yesterday I realized I’d forgotten to put it on my blog. I imagine Holly is thinking, “My costume’s riding up again. Totally worth it!” John has done work for Marvel and DC, so maybe my little art commissions are moving up in the world!

Here’s a link to his Kickstarter for SUCKER Vol 2, a nice fun gory vampire graphic novel! From the Kickstarter page:

SUCKER 2: WASTED YEARS is a 64-page, full-throttle grindhouse vampire romp with nudity, dark sensibilities and hideous language topped with a light dusting of social commentary. In terms of tone and content, I like to describe it as The Wolf of Wall Street meets The Tomb of Dracula.

One day left to help Badass Girl save the world!

Please consider a little $$$ to kickstarter the comic book Badass Girl #3!

From the Kickstarter page: “Orphaned in the aftermath of an alien invasion that decimated the Earth, Badass Girl is raised in the forest by a mysterious Chinese woman, Ching Shih, who turned her into a weapon. Now, with no home, no family, and no friends, she walks the Earth seeking her place in a hostile world.” Super Holly would approve.

We have till Sun, October 6 2019 8:48 AM PDT to fund it. Okay, okay, I shoulda posted sooner! It still needs some help, some love, some BADASSERY!!! Give a nice kick!

Here’s a sample.

For Talk Like A Pirate Day: Sulu’s Gay Trek!

In honor of today being Talk Like A Pirate Day, I again repost one of my fanfics.



CAPTAIN NERO: Avast, me mighty manly Romulan mining crew, for aboard me mighty manly starship, even the women are mighty manly! Our big mining starship has just passed through a big space-time rift, and now I spy a puny little starship whose captain might tell us where to find that logical Spock scoundrel upon whom we wish to wage our manly vengeance! ARM ALL WEAPONS!!!



FIRST OFFICER GEORGE KIRK: (talking on his communicator) Really, honey? Your labor pains feel like he’s throwing full body blows?

THE NAVIGATOR: (a young man of Japanese descent hunching over his navigation console) Sir? I detect a tremendous space-time-from-the-future disturbance from that giant stormy rift! And another incredibly manly disturbance from that gigantic ship that just emerged from the rift! (He studies the readings.) As though everyone on that ship is so manly that they only like other… wait, the disturbances are combining…


THE NAVIGATOR: Into a concentrated energy wave that covers the entire sexual spectrum! And it’s heading directly at our ship! Um, along with a bunch of really big torpedoes and disruptor rays.

THE CAPTAIN OF THE KELVIN: You might have led with that last thing. SHIELDS UP!


The entire bridge lurches to tilt at a 30 degree angle. Sparks fly out of control consoles that, after all these centuries, still do not have circuit breakers installed. Crewman fall out of their chairs.

THE NAVIGATOR: (picking himself off the floor) When are they gonna put seat belts on starships? (He checks his console.) Oh no, shields are down! We’re open to any energy attack imaginable!

A rainbow energy baseball rushes toward the main bridge viewscreen, and through it, and onto the navigator’s fly.

THE NAVIGATOR: (doing a double back flip) wwwwWWWWOW!!!


THE NAVIGATOR: (staggering) Oh… my… I just felt a surge of incredibly manly energy! Enough to bend sexual space-time 180 degrees!

The main viewscreen lights up with Nero’s mighty manly face.

CAPTAIN NERO: Avast, enemy captain! I be Nero of the Romulan mining ship Narada! Shiver yer timbers over to me bridge where I will torture you for information about that scurvy dog, Admiral Spock!


THE NAVIGATOR: Narada? Isn’t that Romulan for raging rainbow?

CAPTAIN NERO: (his tattooed face turning several shades of red, or green if that is the color of Romulan blood) ARRRRR!!! Me blood be boiling with rage! Prepare to enter the Romulan version of Davy Jones’ Locker!

THE CAPTAIN OF THE KELVIN: (disappearing in a transporter beam) But I’m not even wearing a red shirt!

THE NAVIGATOR: (to the first officer) Sir, their incredibly big and manly weapons are powering up again. Speaking of manly, shall we man all escape pods?

FIRST OFFICER GEORGE KIRK: Yeah, save one for me while I distract Mr. Romulan Road Rage. Computer! Set the autopilot for a collision course with that mining ship!

Computer voice from control console: (singing) Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do.

FIRST OFFICER GEORGE KIRK: Nuts. Looks like I’m the designated driver.


A hospital room. The navigator stands beside a hospital bed where a young Japanese woman holds her newborn baby.

THE WOMAN: (lovingly looking at the navigator) He’s beautiful. (She looks at the baby.) Little Hikaru Sulu. My healthy and strong baby boy. And so stubborn!


The woman points to the baby’s diaper. It is colored like a rainbow.

THE WOMAN: We tried white, blue, and even pink, but he kept tearing them off.

THE BABY: (looking into the camera and smiling) Oh, my!

Guest Blog: Zombies In Space!

(Another guest blog for Emerian Rich. Enjoy in a dark spooky room.)

Plague Master Series – Zombies in Space

By H.E. Roulo

When science-fiction and zombies meet, you end up with unpredictable elements. After all, the science of zombies isn’t set in stone, you have fast and slow, dead, undead, and only nearly-dead, and the whole problem of rotting but not so much the zombies don’t move. Essentially, they don’t make scientific sense unless you take a very open-minded view.

Still, rules must apply. Figuring out the parameters of the zombie, what makes them a threat, and how they survive is part of the fun. Then, with rules established, you get to show just how it matters. In Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome, the rules matter very much.

The zombies of the Plague Master Series are created when someone is bitten or infected by blood. Those bitten change immediately. Those who had the unfortunate luck to get blood in an open wound or their eyes or mouth will eventually change, but it’s hard to tell when.

The blood-infected are dangerous, but still people. Like outcasts of long ago, one solution is to send them to their own colony of infected. The best known of these is the Sanctuary Dome, on the poisonous planet of Lindley.

When a person changes into a zombie, in this universe, a few things happen. Mostly, they seem to be filled with a black oily substance that comes out in their saliva, bloody wounds, and colors their nails and lips. The new zombies are initially violent and fast. Their minds burn feverishly and their speech gradually goes.

Given the inoculation in time, the fever and mind-alteration can be limited.

Without the inoculation, the disease progresses until the person is wholly a zombie, unthinking and unfeeling in all ways. These shambling shadows can be docile and even herded, like sheep, unless they are stimulated to violence.

Now, supposing a spaceship with infected, bound for the Sanctuary Dome on Lindley, were to encounter trouble, what would become of the zombies on board? This is a question that must be considered, since it’s entirely possible for calamity to befall a ship full of infected who are likely to become violent en route.

Obviously zombies can’t fly ships. If the ship were fully overtaken it would either complete its autopilot course or drift. Any planet or space station would not allow a ship of undead to dock. Therefore, the ship would eventually be drifting. While it is uncomfortable to consider abandoned ships of drifting dead, it is better than the alternative of letting them land. If resources were available, they could be destroyed ship and all, but during an outbreak it is unlikely that the troops and armaments necessary would be available.

So, how big a threat are the drifting ships? Really, they only become dangerous if they crash into something. If they crashed to a planet, for example, a hardy zombie might survive. The infection holds the zombie together, in a bizarre way, and it is possible some of the diseased could walk—or stumble—away.

Alternately, if the ships were to collide or break up for any reason other than a habitable planet, the zombies could be released into space. In this case, they’d likely be left drifting. They have no need for gravity, atmosphere, or heat. How long they would function is pure speculation.

Now that two books of the trilogy are out, much is known about the disease, but there are still a few questions left to explore.

Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome is the first book of the Plague Master series. Next up in the planned trilogy is Plague Master: Rebel Infection, releasing September 2019.


“A perfect mix of classic sci-fi and zombie horror. Once you start, you are hooked!”

-Jake Bible, author of Little Dead Man.

Sanctuary Dome is fast-paced zombie sci-fi on a prison planet of the dying and the undead.”

-Stephen North, author of Beneath the Mask

David Reiss’s Doctor Fid trilogy is complete! Buy it!

Fellow author and friend David Reiss has completed his trilogy about Doctor Fid, alpha-supervillain on a hero’s journey. I cannot recommend this trilogy highly enough. So I will pay it my highest compliment: a Doctor Fid and Super Holly crossover! (Written with David’s permission and his excellent advice, for he knows his villain better than anyone.) I set this crossover, which Doctor Fid left out of his personal log, in book 3, Starfall.


My fingers blurred on the dimensional control panel and my super-intelligent mind roiled like when I—Cal “The Intellectual” Critbert—had watched the recently discovered director’s cut of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho; the first sentence of my resulting review was “Triple the tension, quadruple the suspense!” But now, my mind did not roil in a good way. On the control panel, a stretching progress bar assaulted my retinas with a bright red glow indicating an approaching unknown power that could level three city blocks… four blocks… five… six…

Twenty five feet away, a ten-foot-wide vortex kaleidoscoped faster and faster. In all the movies I have reviewed over the years, dimensional portals were never so showy. Or so nasty. When this vortex had popped into existence twenty two seconds ago, it had knocked out every guard and scientist in this lab. I was unhurt, thanks to my inky black, cowled and caped, built-in-six-pack-abs Intellecta-body armor. Excellent for my night job as a superhero, but no match for whatever would pop out of the portal in five point two seconds.

I checked my Intellecta-phone’s map app. A blue dot moved toward my black dot. Impact in one minute, nine point eight seconds. I drew my Intellecta-gun, set it to Harry-Headbutt-buster blaster, and frowned at the futility of that. I faced the portal and adjusted my stance to maximize my scary grimness.

With a flash like lightning and a sound of thunder—KRAKRRROOOOOOOMMM!!!—an eight-foot-tall super-armored man burst through the portal. His posture and balance were perfect. The blackness of that armor outdid my own, absorbing ambient light like a demonic black hole. The armor glowed red at the joints and was speckled with a thousand points of light. Stars? I did not recognize any constellations.

The armored man spoke, my Intellecta-hearing recognizing that the voice was computer-modulated for even-tempered intimidation frosted with contempt. “A hero. I should have known.” He turned and—even though his helmet had no facial features whatsoever—I could somehow sense when his attention locked upon me. “My name is Doctor Fid and you have diverted me from my mission.”

I put Intellecta-speed into my finger-dancing on the control panel. “My apologies. Your passage through the portal created a overload. I must make immediate adjustments to prevent a multi-dimensional implosion.”

Eight feet of gleaming metal intimidation floated closer. “As my world’s smartest and greatest supervillain, I have far more experience in such matters. Step away from the control panel.” He pointed a glowing finger right between my eyes. “Your body armor is no match for my MK 47 heavy-combat armor.”

I glanced at my phone and back to Doctor Fid. I had to smile. “I don’t need combat armor. I have a Holly.”

Doctor Fid’s faceless head cocked curiously. “A Holly?”

BRAKKOOOOOOOW!!! A six-foot-one, blue-supersuited, blonde amazon meteored through a thick steel-and-concrete lab wall, leading with a super-strong right fist. That fist, surrounded by a six-foot-wide transparent telekinetic blue boxing glove, super-sledgehammered Doctor Fid. He hurtled across the lab and embedded two feet deep into yet another steel-and-concrete wall.

Super Holly Hansson alighted next to me and kissed my cheek, ah, her sweet strawberry scent. “Sorry I’m late. I had to dodge a couple of 747s.”

I typed faster. “Holly, Doctor Fid’s armor,” I nodded at the armored man, “badly affected the dimensional portal.”

Like a cat checking out a maybe-dead mouse for the slightest twitch, Super Holly scowled at Doctor Fid. “How bad can it be?”

The portal glowed brighter as its ominous hum slowly went up the scale. “Imagine it swallowing Seaside City and spitting it out halfway across the galaxy. Into another dimension. That is the best case scenario.”

KERRRRONK!!! Doctor Fid had flexed free of the wall’s rocky embrace. He thrust out his right hand. In that hand appeared a baseball-bat-size rod that had the same color scheme as his armor. He aimed the rod at Holly and floated toward me. “Last warning. Stand aside.”

My movie critic side surfaced. “The metaphor of that rod is unmistakable.”

Holly put her red-caped back to me. Her tall, super-strong body tensed into heavyweight boxer. “Cal, you know I hate those metaphors almost as much as I hate crucifix cliches. Stay behind me.” She inserted herself between the control panel and Doctor Fid. “As for you, tall, dark, and gruesome, come any closer and the mightiest super on Earth, namely me, will get a can opener and—”

KAAZOOOOOWWW!!! The rod’s blinding concussive force blast howitzered Holly through even yet another lab wall. Good thing I had designed this lab to stay standing even if seventy nine percent of it was pulverized. Doctor Fid walked toward me, the rod vanishing back to whatever little pocket dimension he had summoned it from. “We have fifty two seconds left.”

I sighed. “You shouldn’t have done that. It’ll just make her mad.”

ZOOM!!! A blonde and blue missile warheaded upon Doctor Fid and jackhammered punches and kicks. “YOU FRIKIN’ FRAKIN’ FRIKITY SON OF A FRIKIN’ FRAK!!!”

Doctor Fid blocked every blow with a skill to rival the Karate Queen. His moves were too quick, too precise. Probably his armor’s programming. He said, “I suppose I will have to hit you in your weak spot.”

The stars on the armor’s faceplate glowed brighter and swirled into a glittering, hypnotic rainbow that lighthouse-beamed onto Holly’s startled face. A deep thrumming emanated from the armor, matching the flashing faceplate.

Holly’s wide eyes magnetized at Doctor Fid’s faceplate. Her boxer-posed arms dropped and hung like noodles. Her eyelids slowly lowered, her mouth gaped open… and then she snarled, “STOPPIT,” and headbutted Doctor Fid: KLONK!!!

He crashed onto the floor next to me. He stood up, brushed himself off, and turned his faceless face to me. “Mental shields?”

I nodded. “Taught her myself.”

Doctor Fid nodded. “I’m impressed.” He placed a small black and red disc on the control panel. “This will fix your problem.” He glanced at Holly, who was shaking cobwebs out of her head with a “B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B!!!” He sighed. “Your portal problem, at least.”

“Thank you.” I shook his armored hand and sneaked a small disc of my own onto his armor. “Keep your guard up on your left.”

“So, great intellects do think alike,” he said, and floated toward Holly. His voice turned its alpha-supervillain contempt up to eleven. “Bah! I fixed your portal merely so that I can have yet another dimension to make my own!” His fists glowed red, but it was his voice that pushed Holly’s buttons. “Once I vanquish its mightiest hero, the rest will fall like dominoes!”

Holly faced Doctor Fid, her fists up, her teeth bared, her blue eyes ablaze, and I needed to lecture her about falling for melodramatic villainy. She spat out, “The FRAK you will! And mind control is fighting dirty!”

Doctor Fid hovered within boxing range of Holly. He put up his dukes. “That was more of a tranquilizer beam. Works best on soft minds. Have at thee?”

They went at it, their arms like super-jackhammers: POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW!!!!!! I glanced down at the control panel. Well well, Fid’s disc did it! The control panel display showed that the portal was stabilizing nicely.

I glanced up at the super-heavyweight championship of two intersecting dimensions. I noted that this time, Doctor Fid’s moves were not computer generated, but very human. He seemed to relish the challenge of fighting the most powerful superhero in this dimension. He landed more blows than Holly, but she stubbornly did not yield a millimeter. POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW!!!!!! My Intellecta-hearing easily picked up the snark in his battle banter: “Take that, hero! And that, and that! Ha ha, evil triumphs because good is clumsy!”

I glanced at my Intellecta-phone. As expected, the disc I had slipped onto Fid’s armor could not penetrate his armor’s firewalls. But it had gleaned a record of his recent actions, and his mini-biography, and his current mission… oh. OH!

I put Intellecta-authority into my yell: “Holly! Cease and desist! AT ONCE!!!”

“GRRRR!!!” said Holly as she wiped blood from her split lip. She shoved hard with both hands, and two five-foot-tall blue hands pushed Doctor Fid back. She gave me a look that made me grateful she did not have heat vision lest she drill a hole to the Earth’s core. She barked, “WHAT?!?!”

I held out my phone. “You really need to see this.”

Holly snapped at Doctor Fid, “You stay put!” She zoomed over to me, yanked the phone out of my hand, and grumbled, “What is so frikin’ important…” She blinked at the phone. “that I have to…” Her big blue eyes lost their fire, going soft and liquid. “to…” A tear ran down her cheek. “Oh.” She turned those big blues to Doctor Fid. “You poor thing!”

ZOOM! She flew to Doctor Fid. WHUMP! And engulfed him in a hug. She super-blubbered, “I have a dear little fangirl whom I love too! SOB!!!

Fascinating. Doctor Fid, mightiest supervillain of his world, super genius, fearless and arrogant, suddenly had no idea what to do. His hands fidgeted, his awkward discomfort was palpable. He must have realized that his goal here was accomplished and that we did not intend to hinder his progress, for he managed a pat to Holly’s back, a gesture like a toddler carefully shaping his first mud pie. “Apology accepted.”

They both floated over to land next to me. Holly broke the hug and forced her lower lip to stop trembling. Her eyes were two oceans of empathy. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Doctor Fid’s faceplate betrayed no emotion. “You can be the superhero that your world needs.” His voice turned stern. “You are reckless!” And then respectful. “But you have the heart of a true hero.”

Holly wiped her eyes with her cape, and smiled warmly at Doctor Fid. “I am beginning to think the latter of you, mister scary supervillain.”

I could have sworn that a smile flitted across Doctor Fid’s faceplate. He grabbed my disc off his armor and handed it to me. “Trade you.”

I handed him the disc off the control panel. Doctor Fid floated up and backed into the completely stabilized portal. “Goodbye, Holly. Learn from him. I respect his intellect.” And Doctor Fid was gone.

Super Holly sighed deeply and gazed wistfully at the portal, which vanished. “Good luck, Doctor Fid.” Then a happy little pout pursed her lips. She turned to me. Her voice was a cat meowing for petting. “Cal? Have you thought about upgrading your armor?”

It was hard to keep from laughing. I reared up to Dracula posture. “I thought you liked the Batman look.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck. “I love it. But maybe a little blacker?” She pecked my lips with a quick kiss: “MMM-WAH! And some stars? MMM-WAH! And glowing joints? MMM-WAH!

I smirked at her. “And a big rod?”

Holly smirked back. “Ew.”