The Dimensional Dollar!

In an upcoming anthology for the South Bay Writers Club, Super Holly Hansson has her most vicious fight yet with a Donald Trump type villain. Friends told me I HAD to put Trump in my stories, so I rewrote Money Man to be Billington Stumpfinger.

THE STORY SO FAR: My Donald Trump of a supervillain, Billington Stumpfinger, has the power to eat money and gain superpower: the higher the denomination, the more powerful he gets. He has eaten 100 one-million dollar bills and become several times stronger than even Super Holly, and he proved that with a punch that embedded Holly into a huge, super-steel bank vault door and broke several of her bones. But Cal “The Intellectual” Critbert figured out that if Stumpfinger eats money from other countries, his superpower will be reset to zero. Cal tricked Stumpfinger into grabbing a dollar from him that is from our dimension (ours as in the one you, dear reader, are in right now). Holly knows that dollar could help her find her long lost mommy! But Holly also knows her duty…

Stumpfinger held the bill overhead like Aladdin beholding the magic lamp. “Wuh, wuh, one. Trillion. Dollahs. Ohhhh…” He drooled.

Holly pouted. C’mon, eat it!

Stumpfinger sniffed the bill. He crowed, “And now, I will become…”

Holly winced. Please don’t say it.

“…like unto a GOD!” He said it. Jerk.

Cal’s plan and Holly’s hope slid into hungry lips: BVVVVVV—

Stumpfinger’s smile turned upside-down.

The bill stopped. Shimmered. Went back to one dollar. And began sliding out: VVVVVB—

NO! Holly flew at Stumpfinger! Clamped her legs and left arm around him! Shoved her right palm onto that gluttonous mouth! And yelled, “EAT IT! EAT THAT DOLLAR, YOU GREEDY, OVERSTUFFED, CORRUPT CASH MACHINE! EEEEEEEAT IT!”

Stumpfinger punched and pawed and sputtered, “Bfft! Mmmph! Umph! Noooffff!”

The bill slid in, out, in, out: BVVV! VVVB! BVVV! VVVB!

Holly howled, “YOU WON’T…” Oof! Ow! “…GET RID OF ME!” She hugged harder, harder, HARDER, her smooshing super-bosom was gonna be SO SORE and she DIDN’T CARE! Stumpfinger couldn’t land direct punches, just glancing cannonball blows. OUCH, another broken rib, doesn’t he know that hugging in boxing means take a breather?

The little girl hopped and clapped. “Get him, Holly!”

Holly pushed harder on that writhing face. Stumpfinger ran and slammed her into a wall: WHUMP! Then the vault door: CLANG! Then the Super Holly statue: CLUNK! Its severed stone head rolled on the floor to sweetly smile up at Holly.

A bank guard moaned, “I’ve dreamed of Holly hugging me like that.”

Holly rolled her eyes. Oh, brother.

Stumpfinger grabbed Holly’s wrist. And SQUEEZED!

“OOOOWWWWWWW!!! Holly’s forearm exploded with pain and crackled like popcorn!

That thin hope of finding Holly’s mommy began sliding out of Stumpfinger’s grin. But Holly knew her duty. She channeled all her superpower into her forehead and headbutted a blue telekinetic sledgehammer onto Stumpfinger’s big fat mouth: BDOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!