Super Holly art from comic cons

I’ve had several artists draw Super Holly Hansson at various comic cons.

Cal “The Intellectual” Critbert’s first artwork! I asked Dave Law, artist on The Space Odditorium, to draw Super Holly’s boyfriend and soulmate, Cal Critbert. I gave Dave a description from my stories: black body armor with a utility belt and built-in six-pack abs, cowl and black cape, the letter “i” for the chest logo, and some way to show that Cal’s main power is super intelligence (yes, that is rather vague). I asked Dave to use his artistic sense. Especially with the cowl, I was unsure how to show super intelligence without turning Cal’s head into a goofy balloon (like the Wizard of the early Frightful Four). That circle on the cowl is intriguing! (A manifestation of super-intelligence? A mental antenna?) And that grim glare and spooky posture, Super Holly would LIKE-like that.

Leann Hill again! She drew Kittygirl sassing Thanos. If Thanos had ever hurt Super Holly, Kittygirl would have gone mommy-cat-crazy and would have had Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet with the hand still inside it. MRRRROWL, HISSSS!!! (I asked for the fangs as well as the claws.)

Amelia Pendleten drew what Kittygirl does after she beats up a bad guy.

Nelson Kuang drew Kittygirl enjoying her favorite ice cream flavor.

At the San Francisco Comic Con in June 2018, I had Amber Padilla (her Tumblr) draw Kittygirl and Super Holly. That little verbal sparring is in their stories. (I stole Wolverine’s claw sound.) I like how Kittygirl gets on tippy-toe next to six-foot-one Holly.

At the Menlo Park Library comic con in May 2018. artist Gaz Gretsky (Gazbot) drew Super Holly shortly after she is gassed by Super Joker venom. (He said it should be gas rather than a squirted liquid, else it might look too suggestive. I agreed.)

Mike Hampton drew Super Holly as a zombie. She never did follow the crowd. (The $20 was for the comic and the sketch. Pretty good deal.)

Crystal Gonzalez of In The Dark has a crazy, loopy, scary, funny style. The characters want to leap off the page and stick to your face while screaming. I had her draw Holly having coffee. (A tiny glitch: Super Holly has one e-bracelet, not two. Kinda like Leela on Futurama.)  I sometimes feel this way about coffee.

I bought Joel Stokes (facebook and twitter) Daily Diary and Rogues. Fun reads, but I wish I could find a link where to buy them! Joel, if you know, let me know and I will post a link. He drew a cute sketch of Holly, and yes, I asked for that beaky nose. Holly does not have a cute little Barbie nose, she has a nosy lethal weapon.

Derf Backderf has been in the comic story business for decades. He is even-keeled and a nice guy. His book My Friend Dahmer is about Derf going to high school with Jeffrey Dahmer. Yes, THAT Jeffery Dahmer. It was creepy, fascinating, touching, unflinching truthful, and horrifying: Dahmer’s path from troubled teen to serial killer, ending with him picking up his first victim, a hitchhiker. That death is not shown, but you know. Derf drew a Super Holly sketch in the book I bought. That was nice of him, that was outside his usual subject matter.

Sean Morgan wrote a graphic novel called This Yeti For Hire! or The Yeti with the Lace Kerchief. The story of a Yeti police detective. Sean Morgan turned Super Holly into a yeti (abominable snow-woman), with my barber Lash sizing up the situation and using one of my favorite lines from the old Johnny Quest cartoon.

A day after I talked about art, writing, and Super Holly with Robert Stewart, author and artist of Afterburner: Tales of the Cool and the Wicked, he pointed to his portfolio of artwork, and said I should check it out. I saw this on top. Wow. Super Holly as film noir. I gave him twice his asking price.

I got this art about how Super Holly feels about Disney princess tiaras from Leann Hill at the reopening of Comics Conspiracy. Leann groks Holly.

Rich Koslowski, creator of The 3 Geeks, did this for me. I am honored. This is GREAT! I suggest you get Rich’s favorite 3 Geek story and mine, When The Hammer Falls. If you have read even one comic book in your life, your funnybone will be forever grateful.

Super Holly and The Three Geeks

Christie Shinn of Hora Tora Studios drew how Holly feels about writer’s block.

From artist Robin Holstein, here is what Super Holly does when her e-bracelet can’t get a signal, and thus her Google Maps fails, and thus she can’t find the Colossus Con where she was gonna be at a table signing her graphic novel.

Here is a little Super Holly doodle from artist Alexis Villanueva at House of Doodle.

Kriyani Studio. I bought Special Delivery. I really like the nose and the nasty woman attitude!



Matt Hebb, artist of Harry Walton, Henchman for Hire.



Bobby Timony, who drew a story in Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse.



Bob Scott of Molly and the Bear. Bears can be super, right?



Robert (BigRob) Beltran



Tobe Daranouvong of and

Holly pervy paparazzi


Super Holly Hansson meets Angry Batman. Chloe Dalquist of

Holly and Angry Batman


R.K. Mulholland of

Holly somethingpositive


Kristi “Batz” Zerga of Hypnotic Homicide.

Holly-hypnotic homocide kristi batz zerga small