Super Holly art from comic cons

I’ve had several artists have drawn Super Holly Hansson at various comic cons.

Rich Koslowski, creator of The 3 Geeks, did this for me. I am honored. This is GREAT! I suggest you get Rich’s favorite 3 Geek story and mine, When The Hammer Falls. If you have read even one comic book in your life, your funnybone will be forever grateful.

Super Holly and The Three Geeks

Christie Shinn of Hora Tora Studios drew how Holly feels about writer’s block.

From artist Robin Holstein, here is what Super Holly does when her e-bracelet can’t get a signal, and thus her Google Maps fails, and thus she can’t find the Colossus Con where she was gonna be at a table signing her graphic novel.

Kriyani Studio. I bought Special Delivery. I really like the nose and the nasty woman attitude!



Matt Hebb, artist of Harry Walton, Henchman for Hire.



Bobby Timony, who drew a story in Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse.



Bob Scott of Molly and the Bear. Bears can be super, right?



Robert (BigRob) Beltran



Tobe Daranouvong of and

Holly pervy paparazzi


Super Holly Hansson meets Angry Batman. Chloe Dalquist of

Holly and Angry Batman


R.K. Mulholland of

Holly somethingpositive


Kristi “Batz” Zerga of Hypnotic Homicide.

Holly-hypnotic homocide kristi batz zerga small