Scripting Change 2016: The Terror of the Twisted Tonguester!

Scripting Change Breaking FreeScripting Change 2016 theme is Breaking Free. The theme is recovering, surviving, and rebuilding from domestic abuse. From the Scripting Change website:

100% of proceeds from this anthology will be donated to REACH, a nonprofit based in Massachusetts that provides both safety and supportive resources to those affected by domestic violence, while also educating communities on healthy relationships and this too pervasive problem.

My story is “The Karate Queen in: The Terror of the Twisted Tonguester!” This is my second Karate Queen story. Her first story, “The Poet and the Supersplainer,” is contained in Super Bad Hair Day (out on Kindle). This is where The Karate Queen turns to the good, and turns another way as well. It was fun having her taunt Holly, and having Holly not trusting that this poetic villainess could turn from evil, especially after the queen trying to steal Holly’s boyfriend in Super Bad Hair Day.

You can buy Breaking Free at Scripting Change, at Amazon, at Smashwords, and at Barnes and Noble.

Here is a pulse pounding excerpt! Super Holly Hansson has fallen under the hateful spell of Byle Boole, making her fight Paula Pummelle: the Karate Queen, a former supervillain turned to the good, but not before she had a little history with Holly in The Poet and the Supersplainer. While Paula tries to hold off the mighty, hate-frenzied Holly, Byle is stealing sweet and kind Sue, Paula’s pixie of a girlfriend!

Byle stalked toward Sue and snarled, “You left me. For a mere woman.”

Sue covered her head with her hands. Her chi shivered. “Please don’t hit me.”

How Paula wanted to hit HIM with a stinging left hook to the jaw! She dodged left and right, but that blonde bimbo boxer blocked her! Paula jumped. She’d have sailed over Holly, except Holly levitated and shoved her hands forward. Midair, Paula mantis-stabbed and dissipated two mattress-sized transparent hands that otherwise would have knocked her across town.

They landed. Holly rubbed her hands. “Ouch.” Then she rained a fierce hailstorm of punches at Paula and screamed, “Let’s keep this close and personal! Because it IS personal, you man-stealing, white-robed, black-hearted TRASH!”

Paula low-blocked, high-and-inside-blocked, knife-hand-and-palm-heel-blocked! “You punch like a ham-fisted clown! You’d see true evil if you’d turn around!”

Byle loomed over Sue and gestured like a lusty old wizard casting a spell on a princess. He bellowed words like cannonballs. “You pathetic,” and Sue slumped, “no-talent,” she shuddered, “scar-faced,” her chi faded, “mousey-voiced,” and went sickly yellow, “INSECT!”

Tears rolled down Sue’s cheeks. “Stop. It hurts.”

Paula concentrated her chi into her right hand. It flared like a welder’s torch. Paula didn’t want to do this, but she was tiring BADLY! “Holly Hansson, I forewarn! Desist at once or you’ll move no more!”

Holly charged. “I’ll move you! TO THE MOON!”

Paula spun aside and jabbed knife-stiff fingers into Holly’s spine. For Holly, two-hour paralysis. For Paula, more guilt … no, PAIN! “OW!” Another hundredth of a second on Holly’s stronger-than-steel spine and Paula’s fingers would have shattered! She gaped at Holly. “How?”

Holly clenched her fists, any atmosphere within them was surely compressing into solids. “I internalized my telekinesis to shield me. You cannot hurt me. But I can hurt you. And I WILL!

Ice-picks in Paula’s ears, why couldn’t Holly be the speak-softly type? Car alarms howled. People in nearby trailer homes peeked outside.

Byle got into Sue’s face. “You disgusting, smelly, filthy animal.”

Sue fell to her hands and knees. Her tears waterfalled her soul into the earth.

A panicked Paula parried punches and shouted, “Call the police, do it now! He’s beating Sue to the ground!” Ugh, that hadn’t rhymed well!

Byle turned to the bystanders and announced like a cop directing traffic, “No one’s touching her. Move along.” He turned to Holly. “The villainess still stands.”

Windows and doors slammed shut.

Holly’s long blond hair fluffed out. “HOLLY SMASH!