How I will vote Nov 2014

Oh man, this was exhausting, I WANNA WRITE MY NOVEL!!! (8:37 pm: Still hope to first-draft another fresh chapter before beddy-bye!) But I put the fun part first: the propositions! (Well, it is fun when I find a real nut in the candidates, but I did not find any. Just a banker.)
And I found the Green Party endorsements, YAY!

Prop 1: NO. Water bond with a whole buncha big dams added on. From Kathryn Phillips, Director of Sierra Club California: “The new bond, like the one it replaced, is written to enable extraordinarily expensive dams that will provide negligible benefit to the public, won’t resolve our water supply problems and will irreparably damage the environment. It was written this way because the Legislature’s Republicans and San Joaquin Valley Democrats threatened to withhold votes needed to get the bond bill passed unless they got money for the dams.” We should fix our old infrastructure first. They leak. A lot. Will prop writers please stop with tossing in unneeded gunk?

Prop 2: NO to amending the state constitution for debt reduction. Gives the governor too much power. Okay, so Jerry is a penny-pincher, I admire that. But this is mostly just bring down the debt. Like only access money if there is a so-called budget emergency.

Prop 45: YES for healthcare insurance rate changes. Saves a heck of a lot of money, about $200 million a year. And I HATE the ads saying I should vote against it. Ooo, one politician has more power? Not like the heath insurance companies have power, huh?

Prop 46: NO about the scary trial lawyers and supposedly drug-addict docs. We do NOT need to treat all doctors like drug addicts! Sorry, Barbara Boxer, but I am with the Green Party on this one. (Hey, I have to fall into line with my party sometime!) I agree with the Greens: this should have been three separate propositions. I would likely have voted for raising the pain and suffering from the current and measly $250,000 to a reasonable $1.1 million to keep up with inflation. I HATE HATE HATE those ads telling me I should hate the scary trial lawyers. I am supposed to hate lawyers at a trial representing clients who have been given pain and suffering? Who ever did those ads, go choke to death on a dusty Ayn Rand paperback.

Prop 47: YES to reduce some criminal sentences to misdemeanors. Our prisons are stuffed enough already. You want room, put the violent ones in there, not the non-violent ones. From the Greens: “In the last 30 years California has built 22 new prisons but only one university.” Oh, and a district attorney and former assistant police chief wrote this prop. Wow, he sounds really lefty to me.

Prop 48: NO to yet another casino that is not even on Indian land. I dislike gambling, we have quite enough, and I am not voting for more. Not this time, anyway.

Governor: Jerry Brown. Because he has not made me mad at him yet. And he is frugal. And I doubt I’d like the republican better and there is no Green candidate.

Lt. Governor: Gavin Newson. See above.

Secretary of State: Alex Padilla. See above.

Controller: Betty T. Yee. Treasurer: John Chiang. Attorney General: Kamala D. Harris. Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones (ooo, one of the Monkees?). Member, State Board of Equalization 2nd District: Fiona Ma. Because they are not republican (Gee, that is lazy of me!)

U.S. Representative: Jackie Speier. Because I love a woman who once honked off poor-hating republicans with a steak, caviar, and vodka! And I agree with all her views. That does not happen often. I think I am still in love.

Member of the State Assembly, 22nd District: Kevin Mullin. Because I do not vote incumbents out of office unless they make me mad. And the republican wrote nothing for the sample ballot. Lazy.

Judical. Oh man do I ever HATE wading thought those long obscure justice lists! There are twelve of them here, all yes or no votes, and I wanna write my novel!!!! Sigh. But I found a couple of websites.,_2014

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court:
Goodwin Liu, because Barbara Boxer likes him and some conservatives don’t.
Mariano-Florentino Cuellar. Born in Mexico, raised in USofA.
Katherine Mickle Werdegar. Old. Repub-appointed, but center-to-left, we should keep those.

Presiding Justice of Court of Appeal Dist 1, Div 1
Jim Humes: Because he slammed the boy scouts for homophobia. I kinda liked the cub scouts, but not the boy scouts.
Kathleen M. Banke: not huge info, but seems okay.

Presiding Justice of Court of Appeal Dist 1, Div 2
Anthony Kline: told a gun company they marketed thier products to violent people. Wow, did not think I’d see a law person say that outside Law & Order! (BOM BOM!)
Therese M. Stewart: Opposed Prop 8. Yay!

Presiding Justice of Court of Appeal Dist 1, Div 3
Stuart R. Pollak: Nothing really bad.
Martin J. Jenkins: Black judge appointed by the Governator. Um, I see nothing bad.

Presiding Justice of Court of Appeal Dist 1, Div 4
Ignazio John Ruvold

Presiding Justice of Court of Appeal Dist 1, Div 5
Mark B. Simons
Terence L. Bruiniers. Eh, nothing for or against either.

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Tom Torlakson. I have endorsed him before, he has been in public service all his life. His opponent, Marshall Tuck, is a former investment banker with rich bankers, I mean backers, I wonder which way he will shove the money, kids or the 1 percent? Yuck.

Peninsula Health Care District Members, Board of Directors. Pick three, pick a card, any card.
Helen Galligan and Dennis Zell: incumbents.
Lawrence Cappel: Into heathcare while Douglas Radtke is into accounting. I apologize to my accountant brother, but I have to give the heath guy the edge.

San Mateo County Harbor District Members, Board of Commissioners, full term. Pick two.
Robert Bernardo, James Tucker: Incumbents. There is a little controversy about the harbor being solvent or not. And Nicole David is a marine biologist and is endorsed by the Burlingame mayor, so I might pick her instead.

San Mateo County Harbor District Member, Board of Commissioners, short term. Pick two. Will Holsinger and Tom Mattusch are in the voter’s guide. The other guy ain’t.

Measure H: YES to San Mateo County Community College District, Money for college opposed by libertarian types. I will vote against libertarian types who think non-earthquake-safe classrooms are a great idea, who cares if kids get buried in rubble?

My obligatory liberal geek rant (inspired by Prop 1): I remember Gore Vidal running against Jerry Brown way way back when I was in San Luis Obispo’s Cal Poly. He said we ought to build desalinization plants for more water (along with other ideas against “Brown rot”). Some giggly little cheerleader’s question was, “Are you SERIOUS?” (She put a lot of chirpy melody into that last word.) And then came the happy howling of the jocks, the same kind of howling they do when hunting down and torturing geeks and nerds. Gore responded in a classy way, “Yes, I am serious.” And she repeated, this time like a canary that has flown into a window one too many times, “Are you SERIOUS? (Giggle!)” And more jock howling. Hmm, I guess jocks and cheerleaders don’t like gay writers. I ain’t gay, but I don’t like bullies or their cute little cheering squads! After all these decades, I still want to hunt down that cheerleader and her musclebound posse and punch every one of their faces while I’m wearing a cement and steel boxing glove, with a very satisfying KER-UUUNNNNNCHHHH!!! Well, if I could even lift that glove. Maybe I ought to have Super Holly clobber a few of those guys, while that cheerleader watches. Like she watched and cheered while they beat up geeks, gays, and the president of the chess club.

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