Carry The Light 2015: Chapter Zero of The Comic Book Code

carry-the-light-2015In the 2015 San Mateo County Fair Literary Contest, I was given an honorable mention for first novel chapter. I am still grateful. They printed the first four pages. My first chapter is much longer, so they had to cut it for space. You can buy the paperback now, the Kindle version is not out yet.

There is a typo in my story. My fault. When Holly remembers being bitten by a black widow spider when she was a little girl, the missing word is “sick.” I wanted to give Holly a good reason for spiders creeping her out. I wanted there to be something that creeps her out a little, since Holly does not do fear. She’s usually too busy being angry.

I decided to change the novel’s working title from The Comic Book Code to Fanboys Shrugged. Lets me take a few shots at Atlas Shrugged. Why do you think the heavy (and is he ever!) is named John Glutt?

And I just changed the working title back to The Comic Book Code, on advice from Beth Barany, writer and writing teacher. But I intend to have a chapter titled “Fanboys Shrugged.”

Click here to read the complete text of Chapter Zero. And fasten your seat belt.

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