Global warming links

I decided to create a page where people can send global warming deniers. I have no intention of talking to global warming deniers for the same reason that I will not debate a Flat-Earther. The science is settled. Send them here and tell them to shut up and eaducate themselves because you are not teaching kindergarten.

Well, I have a story-telling motive also. I did get into a discussion with one such jerk. He kept saying, “Does water always seek its own level?” He seemed to thinkt hat because we are not shoring up for rising oceans in the SF bay, that all those people in other countries getting flooded must be lying. He simply would not like this link that explains that sea level is not that simple.

Yeah, right, you know how those, um, brown-skinned people lie. Yeah, it was a white male about my age telling me that. My spider-sense was tingling like mad. I told him that the last several years have been the hottest on record. He pouted and and said, “No, no, I don’t believe that.” He would not look it up. He believes, but he refuses to know. There’s a difference.)

I warned him that I’d put him in my book. He did not listen.