Cinequest: Motormouth Inspiration! And a twin.

I saw “Songs She Wrote About People She Knows” at Cinequest. A very funny movie. The lead actress gives an emotionally restrained an d singing performance that reminds me of Buster Keaton and Daffy Duck: she did not have the most lines, but boy can she emote! Her face was a joy to watch. She was paired with a guy who was a motormouth. His blabbing was a symphony of laughs. She and he were a perfect duet.

I need a bit of motormouth in my writing.I am thinking of my scene where fanboys argue with the villainous John Glutt. John does a lot of windbag exposition. Fanboys love to argue. I need to rewrite that into rapid-fire dialogue. Readers do not skip dialogue.

cinequest-twinP.S. I met my twin at Cinequest. At least, according to his friends and his wife. (Well, I assume it was after their lips touched). I am the one on the left. Or is it the right? Darn you, my evil twin! Or is he the good one?