I found a typo in my book. Sigh.

It is in my Kindle and Createspace book, Super Bad Hair Day. Just one sentence screwed up in the story The Dimensional Dollar. I will fix it, of course, but frankly, if you want to buy (anybody?), I would not let that stop you. Still annoying for me, I am glad I found this before I was going to print some more books. I will fix it soon. Does the writing ever end? Now I know why we have professional copyeditors.

P.S. My Createspace is now transferred to Kindle Direct Publishing. Another platform to learn, but it does not look hard.

P.P.S. Okay, here is the typo. “He gagged, opening his mouth opened with a cash register CHA-CHING!” I changed it to “He gagged, opening his mouth with a cash register CHA-CHING!


I am updating Super Bad Hair Day: don’t buy right now

I decided that my CreateSpace book needed to be at least 130 pages so I could have a proper book spine. I got it up to 140 with more short stories, an audio script, and some Super Holly artwork. I submitted a new Word page interior and a new PDF cover with a REAL SUPER SPINE with a REAL TITLE AND AUTHOR NAME on it! Yay! CreateSpace is currently reviewing my changes.

I will also update the Kindle book. That will likely take a few days. I am working full time, so this weekend is most likely.

So if you are thinking of buying my book, hold off. Soon you will get twice the bang for your buck. The Kindle version will stay at 99 cents, but I had to raise the CreateSpace price by 50 cents to $6.50. At least now, if you buy the CreateSpace version, you will get more of a real book.

Book Signing May 13!

Mark your calendar. On May 13, 2017 10am-4pm, at Round Table Pizza, 37480 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA, authors from the Fremont Area Writers Group and I will eat pizza and sell books. My book is the Createspace printed version of my superheroine stories, Super Holly Hansson in Super Bad Hair Day! This book comes with a CD containing:

  • ebook files: Kindle, epub, PDF.
  • Super Holly artwork from Batton Lash and other artists.
  • Audio versions of my stories: hear me read with a musical score!

At Round Table on May 13, you can likely see me and the other writers do open mic readings! Eat pizza! Buy books! Have authors sign the books! Watch authors doing readings, or as I call it, open mic opera! And especially, meet local authors, storytellers, and poets.

Meet an author at ConVolution this weekend: ME!!!

con-volution-2016Meet the great Valerie Frankel, a few other local authors, and me at Valerie’s table. I have four paperback copies of Super Holly Hansson in Super Bad Hair Day to sell: two short stories and Chapter Zero of The Comic Book Code, plus a CD with the stories in ebook and audio format (yeah, hear me PERFORM!). Saturday, I plan to be there in the morning, but in the afternoon I will be on an outing with my cousin and his two little demons, I mean boys. Sunday, I plan to be at the table most of the day.

Analysis of my Awesome Audio!

bluemics2013-1357744813After I received 20 copies of my Createspace book, Super Holly’s Super Bad Hair Day (two short stories and chapter zero of The Comic Book Code) for the Fremont Book Signing, I wanted to add a CD to each book for artwork, ebook files (mobi and pub and PDF), and audio files of me reading each story. I’ve done open mics for years, should be easy, right? Here is what I learned.

Use a quality microphone! I used Blue Nessie, same USB mic that I used for The Malevolent Mystery Meat. I spoke close to the microphone but slightly to one side so my hard consonants did not pop, like a “P” turning into “PUH!!!” (I do not have a pop filter. Maybe I should get one.)

Voice over the top! I do all the voices for all the characters. Holly is my voice while I think like a woman as best I can. Harry Headbutt, my villainous Hulk, is pretty easy: loud and dumb. But when I voiced my barber Lash, the audio file sounded like just plain old me. Lash should stand out, he is a character in real life. So I roughed up my voice and re-recorded those parts.

Audio stories are LONG! As in reading the entire story takes around 45 minutes. There is no way I can read out loud for that long and not flub up a word, or cough, or curse at a barky doggie barking. So I recorded until I made a mistake or needed to stop, about 5 minutes at a time, 10 at the extreme outside. I recorded in Quicktime, and put the clips together in Garage Band, where it is easy to remove the trailing edge of the recording, as in, “And Super Holly punched Harry Headbutt right in the… ARGH! SWEET PEA, STOP BARKING OR I’LL MICROWAVE YOU LIKE A HOT DOG!”

Avoid external noise! I was at my cousin’s home (house/doggie sitting), upstairs, doors and windows closed. It got warm. But I did not plug in my laptop cooling fan. I had to stop at airplanes flying over, leaf blowers, and my cousin’s littlest dog barking (see above advice).

No internal noise! Even with a good mic, you can get buzzing if you do not place the mic in just the right position. That can mean moving around the room, moving the computer, and moving the USB and headphone cables. Monitor yourself by wearing headphones and making sure there is no static. At all. NO BUZZ! I made the mistake of letting some buzz into a few of the recordings; I might have to redo them if I ever send them to Audible.com.

Music makes fun! I added clips from Al Fabrizio album Serenata Italiana (he makes beautiful mandolin music), and from Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), who makes great royalty free background music. I am often told I am a good performer, but adding the right background music makes an audio story sing.

Use quality CDs! I tries Staples CDs. Ugh, sometimes they would not verify after my computer burned them. I bought Verbatim CDs instead. Worked perfectly.

I have more to learn. And I have to post these audio files (soundcloud, anyone?). Or bits of them. 45 minutes per story is a LOT of blabbing!

Super Bad Hair Day: second edition!

I have republished Super Holly Hansson in: Super Bad Hair Day. My changes:

  • I added Chapter Zero of The Comic Book Code.
  • I made several minor edits suggested by a fellow member of the South Bay Writers Club (I will post about that soon).
  • I fixed a few typos (GRR, I can’t believe a few sneaked into the first edition!). Running both the Storyist and Microsoft Word spelling checker helped me squash typos.

And I created a version of this on Createspace. (It is under review, I hope it will print okay.) A few comments on that:

  • Since I write in Storyist, I copied the story into a 6×9 Microsoft Word template that I downloaded from Createspace.
  • When I reviewed the uploaded interior contents, I had to adjust the page numbers and add the ISBN numbers in the original Word file, and upload again.
  • I had to create a new Createspace account even though I had a Kindle account. And I made sure to enter my royalty information right away.
  • I set the price at $6. The minimum allowed was about $5.40. More expensive than I like, but I can live with it.
  • I hunted for a webpage with the steps listed out, but did not find it. I found the video below very helpful. For example, he suggested that I have my Amazon page for my Kindle version open so I could cut and paste most of the data.

May 7 book signing!

HOLLY COVER Reviz 3(This repeats my post from a few days ago. They say you should put on one more reminder the night before.)

Saturday, May 7, 2016, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Round Table Pizza, 37480 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, CA, the Fremont Area Writers will do a book signing. Have some pizza, and if you buy a book, get a free drink! Since I will sell my ebook for $1, that is a good deal. Check out the other writers, they are also worth your time.

I will sell CDs with mobi (Kindle), epub, and PDF copies of two Super Holly’s short stories: Super Bad Hair Day, and The Poet and the Supersplainer! Holly fights the evil and LOUD Harry Headbutt, and the poetic and deadly Karate Queen (while her boyfriend, The Intellectual, keeps telling her the most efficient ways to do her job). I’ll also sign a postcard with the ebook cover. I might set up my laptop to email the ebooks. Anything that works!