Augmented World Expo

me-AWEI saw cool stuff today at the Augmented World Expo. See this picture? I was scanned with an iPad and a 3D sensor (, and you see my scanned 3D image on the screen.

At the Epson booth, they had their BT 200 augmented reality glasses. The screen looked very good. I used them to play a version of that evil game on Star Trek Next Generation that brainwashed the crew. The BT 200 uses motion sensors, so I moved my head to gulp down the flying disks. Interesting that the BT 200 screen looks smaller when you look at a close wall than when you look at the farther away ceiling. The human brain at work. These glasses would be great for watching a movie, especially if you are in bed and have a blank ceiling handy.

The Optinvent booth had some glasses similar to Google Glass, except for a bigger and brighter screen which you can tilt out of the way when you want to talk to the person in front of you. Like I did with a guy I stood with when eating AW Expo mac and cheese He wrote psychology papers, and told me that people do not really multi-task: you pay attention to the screen or to what’s in front of you, but not both. I should add that to my stories: Cal’s super-intelligence allows him to drive the Intellecta-car with the Intellecta-interactive windshield, but Holly would find that VERY distracting.

Several attendees wore Google Glass. Lots of companies at AW Expo did software and hardware for Oculus Rift: big and very immersive VR glasses. SoftKinetic combined with Oculus to put my hand into virtual reality, where I grabbed blocks and built a big virtual beam. I imagined having big virtual flying fists to mightily punch the virtual world, MOO HA HA HA HA!!!!

At the award show afterwards, they did a Google Glass improv show, acting out a Chapstick and Massage company. The audience sent short text messages to the players to perform, such as: I’m gay, bitch please, be yourself, www101, and WTFATB (what the fat, boy?). I admire the players for being very quick on their feet, or rather, frontal lobes.

HOLLY EYES Reviz 2Oh, and I handed out several Holly business cards, since a big take in my novel will be 5D glasses, so that gave me another thing to talk about. And who knows, maybe someone there will buy a Holly story (of which I am writing more, there, now I can put a writing tag on this post). Guys and gals alike got a kick out of the Holly image on the card. One lady at the Epson booth liked that Holly is strong and tough, but she did wonder (as I admit I did) about Holly and Cal falling for each other. But the ladies in my critique group said Holly and Cal made a perfect couple. As in opposites attract. After all, Super(wo)man and Batman do not get along well.