What I would miss if I became the next Stan Lee.

Most aspiring authors with unrealistic expectations say, “I’m gonna be the next J.K. Rowling!” Since I write superheroine stories, I prefer to say, “I’m gonna be the next Stan Lee!”

But I had an interview at LinkedIn today for a technical writing job. Tech writing is how I earn my living. The subject came up of what job would be my ideal one. It made me think. And I had to say that even if I became a best-selling author, I would miss technical writing. I love getting to know engineers, working with them, and working with cool tech. (Ah, RhoMobile and its cross-compiler! Write an app once in Ruby, compile to iOS and to Android!)

A theme in my Super Holly stories is that even though Holly’s graphic novel is a best-seller, her day job is being the mightiest super of all, the one they look up to. And Holly can’t hide from being the Superman because my superheroes do not have secret identities, that has been done to death!

I’m a tech writer. I like it.┬áThat’s been my day job, and I expect it will always be so.