Me at MacWorld/iWorld this week

I have gone to MacWorld every year since before Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. Now it is Macworld/iWorld. And it only fills the smaller hall of the two Moscone Convention Center halls. And it has a real indie flavor to it. Maybe a few too many booths selling iPhone and iPad cases. But I hope it keeps going. I still love it. Here are some highlights.

macworld-2014-scoshe-and-meAt Scosche, I bought the reVOLT car charger and the reVOLT h2 wall charger, which should charge my iPad Air. Other dual USB port chargers can be sneaky: many claim to provide iPad power (10W or 2 amps), but plug in your phone at the same time and your iPad power goes bye-bye. Also, the charger and cable need to be Apple certified or they won’t work with an iPad: when I drove to MacWorld today, my cheap car charger on my iPad kept making the charger on-off-on-off musical note, hence I bought Scosche. I also bought a retractable audio cable and a smartSTRIKE microUSB and Lightning cable. The nice guy at the booth gave me Scosche earphones also. (Hmm, my Android phone takes blurry selfies and washes out display cards.)

I also bought book 2 and 3 of Kevin J McNeish’s iOS App Development for Non-Programmers iBooks. I bought the cool iPad-specialized editions with the nice embedded videos. Sweet! Kevin recommended I buy them at home with my fast WiFi. He was right, if I had bought them there, I’d be standing in dark Moscone, still downloading. As a tech writer who has documented a lot of APIs, I have studied some Objective C, and I have used Xcode. But I wanted cool ways to learn more. Now I got them.

Other stuff: Ring input device on kickstarter where you gesture midair to operate your devices (remember Ed from Cowboy Bebop?). Transporter: private cloud file sharing, very well done. Backblaze: unlimited cloud storage at $5 a month, such a deal. Drobo, for your BIG home storage needs. Grip&Shoot, a Bluetooth control handle/grip for your iPhone (and soon, for your Android phone). And iblazr, a four LED light/flash for your iPhone or Android phone, AND for my iPad, I believe! As Tony Stark said in the trailers for Iron Man 2 when he saw the Black Widow: I want one.

P.S. I handed out a few business cards. Yes, even here, tech writers are treated nicely.

P.P.S. I like having both Android and iOS, but I hope they put better cameras into the large screen Android phones soon. Or maybe I need to learn to use it better? Nah, I want a better camera!

P.P.P.S. A nice lady friend from a writer group did some editing on my Holly vs Karate Queen story. There, now I can add writer tags to this post!