4 years of Trump? Maybe I can make a buck!

I can write (and maybe sell) more stories where my superheroine Holly Hansson battles Money Man, my Trump-based supervillain. He eats money: the larger the denomination, the more powerful he gets. One idea: put Trump’s grabby misogyny into Money Man instead of just greed and a dash of racism. Another idea: Money Man’s wife can be a beautiful android or Martian, and likely the brains of the outfit because Money Man is dumb. In the comics, Martians (and perhaps sexbots) aren’t. (Hmm, I might have to tweak Money Man’s name if it is in use.)

Trump and his rallies remind of this scene in I, Claudius. Except Trump is more vocal than Sejanus (a young Patrick Stewart!) when his rallies get punchy.


Boys inspire stories and raise blood pressure

Watched the Super Bowl at my cousin’s place, with his two little boys. They talked a bit loud, crashed toy cars together, threw stuffed animals, and otherwise raised their daddy’s blood pressure. At their bedtime, I read some of my stories to them. They are a good audience, and sometimes tough. Whenever they looked bored, I skipped slow talkie parts and read fast punching parts. Good to know when I write more kid superheroes.

They asked me if I might write them into one of my stories. I said I’m inspired by little boy behavior. Holly’s future little super-strong son should talk loud, somersault on the couch, dress and punch like Batman, throw toy cars through the wall, and otherwise drive mommy crazy.

P.S. Got another idea for a super kid. Puppy Boy, with doggie powers. A big power would be his long, snakey, licky tongue. Snoopy could defeat Lucy with his licking.

P.P.S. I am not scared to blab ideas. They’re a dime a dozen.


Wizard World: Hollyweird directors and 12 ideas for a dime

happy-hobbit-sisters-and-meAt San Jose’s Wizard World Comic Con last week, I was lucky enough to have dinner with a bunch of fellow nerds and geeks. I had sliders (yum) and nice conversation (yes!). This was a dinner for the Happy Hobbit sisters. Check out their websiteYoutube, and Facebook. One of the sisters talked about working with a Hollywood director to get her screenplay produced. The guy got crazier and crazier during production, ending with him taking a rock with the word “trust” painted on it out of his pocket, stiff-arming it toward an actor, staring with eyes that showed a soul lost in a far-off alternate dimension, and yelling, “This is my trust! You’ve broken my trust!” I asked if I could steal that. I can imagine Super Holly taking the rock, “This isn’t broken,” and then crushing it an inch from the flaky director’s nose, “NOW it’s broken!”

happy-hobbit-dinnerThe guy across the table from me had concerns about the Marvel movies. He felt that the Civil War theme from the upcoming Captain America movie means that the franchise is running out of ideas.

I disagree. First, the Mavel movie machine is riffing off storylines from the comics: that is called respecting the source material. As I think was said on Adventure Time, that’s the opposite of a problem!

Second, ideas are a dime a dozen. At writer clubs, I have found a few (and fortunately rare) aspiring writers who think they have a great idea for a novel or screenplay. Hint: if you refuse to share when I ask, “What’s it about?”, your idea is not worth stealing. Ideas are cheap, it’s what you create from them that counts. After you aspire, you have to perspire!

Alfred Hitchcock said it best. He did not care about content, what his movies were about; he was only interested in how to use that content to evoke an emotional response. Listen to Hitchcock. You’ll write better.