A couple of Free Comic Book Day sketches

On Free Comic Book Day on May 6, at Comics Conspiracy in Sunnyvale, local artists were doing free sketches. I asked for some Super Holly Hansson art.

This is from Leann Hill. She has a sweet and expressive style, check her website!

And here is one from Lane Terasaki, who does not have a website yet for me to point to. He was drawing a dark and grim Batman sketch, so I asked for Holly looking grim and drinking coffee. (The word balloon is mine.)


His Biggest Fan!

Holly and Angry BatmanI have written the 7th draft of a short story that I will submit to the California Writers Club, Redwood Branch for their Fan Fiction contest. A story I have always wanted to write: Super Holly is zapped into the DC Universe and meets her first big crush: Batman. I had to write tight to stuff it into 1500 words. Printing it a few times and crossing out and editing with pencil/pen helped me cut it down to size. Tomorrow I send it in, after I read it aloud to find last edits.

P.S. I had not expected the Joker to take over the villain role. He did. He can be pushy.

Angry Batman art by Chloe Dalquist of theangrybatman.tumblr.com.

How to write a comic book accent.

I talked with author Todd Borg again last Saturday. In his latest book, Tahoe Dark, I was amused by a pseudo-gangster accent: “unnerstand” instead of “understand.” Very Chicaguh, I mean Chicago. Todd told me he’d run into the same problem I once did when I wrote dialog for the Bjorg (my Star Trek satire Swedish Borg): too much accent makes dialog unintelligible. Todd sprinkled it sparingly, as he should.

In my soon-to-be novel, Kittygirl’s firecracker of a mother has a fast and furious Japanese accent. On Youtube, I found advice from andysunstory on How To Speak With A Japanese Accent. Replace “an” with “ahn”, “R” with “L”. But what if a word ends with “R”? “Daughtal” instead of “daughter”? I remembered Urusei Yatsura’s Lum saying “Dahling!” And there’s the matter of an older white male like me not sounding racist. “So solly?” YUCK!

I wrote (and rewrote and rewrote) the following for when Kittygirl’s mother confronts Holly at Holly’s first book signing. (I’m really wrestling with “lite” instead of “write.”)

“This glaphic novel! I had to buy anothah one! You did not lite it fah kids, but my daughtah found it in my manga stash and has not let go of it since! Until now. She loved when,” she smiled, petted the girl between pointy Kittygirl ears, and enunciated like she’d rehearsed her next line, “the princess gave up her crown.”

Many great writers say never write accent into dialog. Usually true. But my style is goofy comic book, so I offer the rebuttal of Al Capp’s Lil’ Abner. Like Vulgorilla the Slobbovian (Russian): “I got fonny for you. A travelink blubber salesman’s sled broke down…” Or Brooklyn’s Evil Eye Fleegle wanting his “goil” back: “Anudder triple whammy! I’ll keep popping’ until my beloved Shoiley is in my arms again!” Or pure hillbilly.


Writing an accent is hard, but sometimes worth it!

P.S. I just changed “mahnga” to “manga.” To avoid confusion, that word for Japanese comic book should not be spelled phonetically.

Holly art from San Francisco Comic Con 2016

Holly meets Angry Batman, by Chloe Dalquist. (Check theangrybatman.tumblr.com. Great humor for grown up geeks!) I read issue 1 of Angry Batman, and I smiled and bought it. Chloe said she’d draw something in it. I told her that Super Holly has a crush on Batman, and I asked her to draw that. This is what Holly would do on meeting Batman. I love Holly’s crushing and Angry Batman’s tude!

Holly and Angry Batman

Next, I bought Super Stupor issue 4, and R.K. Mulholland did a drawing for me. (Check his webcomic at somethingpositive.net.) I like how this makes Holly look so happy! He asked about Holly’s cape clasp, and I said it is grail-shaped.

Holly somethingpositive

And lastly, something silly! From Chuck Whelon, from whom I bought Pewfell in: Drain of Chaos. (Check his art and game website at whelon.com and his Patreon for Pewfell: The Epic Fantasy Sitcom at www.patreon.com/pewfell.) He drew Holly as an Urf. Hmm, is that a little Urf cleavage in the costume? No wonder Urf Holly looks so angry!

Holly Urf

The Super Holly Punch!

Holly pervy paparazzi

I always wanted to have Super Holly Hansson do Amanda Conner’s Power Girl Punch. At the Sacramento Con, I had Tobe Daranouvong, the artist at villain-comic.com, draw this Super Holly art for me. I had him put in another one of Super Holly’s catchphrases. Holly just punched a photographer for zooming his telephoto lens in the wrong place. (I should have asked for a flying tooth or two, like in another Amanda Conner Power Girl punch.)

New Super Holly Art!

Holly-talk-to-the-handsI went to the Bay Area Comic Con in San Leandro today. It was small and cozy. Dealers selling comic book back issues and various toys, um, excuse me, action figures. But no comic book writers, and I really missed that. But I did meet artist Robert (BigRob) Beltran who was selling and making art, and he drew some nice Super Holly art for me for a reasonable price. I asked for a boxer pose, a catchphrase, and a beaky nose. I like how Rob added a blue glow to Super Holly Hansson: that fits Holly’s telekinetic power.

I had a nice talk with him. He liked what I told him about Super Holly, or maybe he was being nice to a geeky writer babbling a little about his pet project. Anyhow, here is his careful, three step process.

Step one: sketch.


Step two: color.


Step three: show off a masterpiece.


This little comic con also had a costume contest. I voted for the lady dressed as Galactus. (The REAL version, not the stupid cloud version in the movie!) She won. In the photo below, she is holding a planet in her hand. A mere snack!

bay area comic con galactus



May 7 book signing!

HOLLY COVER Reviz 3(This repeats my post from a few days ago. They say you should put on one more reminder the night before.)

Saturday, May 7, 2016, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Round Table Pizza, 37480 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, CA, the Fremont Area Writers will do a book signing. Have some pizza, and if you buy a book, get a free drink! Since I will sell my ebook for $1, that is a good deal. Check out the other writers, they are also worth your time.

I will sell CDs with mobi (Kindle), epub, and PDF copies of two Super Holly’s short stories: Super Bad Hair Day, and The Poet and the Supersplainer! Holly fights the evil and LOUD Harry Headbutt, and the poetic and deadly Karate Queen (while her boyfriend, The Intellectual, keeps telling her the most efficient ways to do her job). I’ll also sign a postcard with the ebook cover. I might set up my laptop to email the ebooks. Anything that works!