A comfy superheroine and a jerk artist

Comic book artist Erik Larsen hates Ms. Marvel’s costume.  Evidently, he thinks it is ugly, bulky, and would get in her way. Not like the usual swimsuit that is what, 90 percent of superheroine costumes nowadays?
ms-marvel-happyTake a gander at it.
It looks practical and comfortable and Ms. Marvel looks happy. Maybe because her costume is not riding up her rear? Her power is being able to expand or contract her entire body, or any part of it. (I can hear Beavis and Butt-Head laughing. Stop it, she’s only fifteen!) It makes for punching and running art that is funhouse mirror fun. The costume expands and contracts with her (unstable molecules?), so the costume-getting-in-the-way excuse is no reason to stuff her into a swimsuit.
I have an eight year old girl character with cat superpowers: Kittygirl. I have not thought much about Kittygirl’s costume. She’s a little young to put on a uniform and go to superhero work. When it is time to do that, I will not hire Erik. Cats hate thongs.
P.S. Yeah, Holly does not wear pants. I will elaborate on that, having found a picture about the subject that I liked.

A little hero: Kittygirl?

As per my previous post, about the little girls in the audience:

I have not finished my latest short story, working title “Super Sleeping Beauty,” where the point of view character is Cal the Intellectual. I need to put final edits into my old barber story, which I rewrote to be in first person. And yet, I have started another story.

Kittygirl is a little girl with cat powers. I think she would be great for a short story. I imagine her saving Holly and others from an evil ice cream maker, the Brain Freezer (his evil laugh involves chattering teeth). Kittygirl could be immune to Brain Freezer’s ice cream due to her being lactose intolerant. The story is barely an outline right now. But I think Kittygirl might start using my brain as a scratching post.

Now I have to figure out her costume. I have written her wearing cat ears and gloves with authentic claws. But perhaps claws and cat ears would become part of her natural self after she gets powers, and thus she would not have a costume (maybe just a cape she can put on in a hurry). The main thing is that Kittygirl is a cute, sweet, and very brave little girl. One of the ladies in a critique group said she loved Kittygirl, “she’s such a cliche!” I wanted an adorable little girl who becomes Holly’s biggest fan.

I know my story will be better that the Catwoman movie. But Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels would be better also.

More Holly art!!! YAY!!!!!!

Batton Lash sent more art today. I really like how he has brought Holly to life. The face, the eyebrows, WOW.

I asked that the trunk line on the costume be lowered a little bit. One of my running gags is that Holly’s costume rides up her rear once in a while, ooo, she HATES that. But normally, no exposed cheeks (unlike so many superheroine costumes nowadays), so I figured the trunk line should be a little lower. Now, behold the art, and ENJOY! I know I have!