Casey Wickstrom’s Kickstarter!

My friend Casey Wickstrom is doing a Kickstarter to help him create his next album, click here to check it out. If you like great guitar and a great singer, consider a contribution. Your ears will thank you forever.

As I have said before (click here), I got to know Casey when he did open mics. And he is so going into one of my future stories. Super Holly Hansson appreciates good indy music. And she’d likely think Casey is cute. As Super Holly once told him, “Hey, Casey! Love your music! Lemme show you how much!” (Holly wraps her arms around him and gives him a big kiss, and he tastes her strawberry lip gloss.) “How do you like that… Hey! Watch where you put those hands, guitar boy!”


Casey loves Holly, Casey loves Holly!

I saw my friend Casey Wickstrom perform last Friday at the Art Boutiki in Santa Clara. He played several guitars, including an awesome guitar box guitar. I gave him one of my books. I have his music, and recommend you try Blues Song #666, Surf Zombies, and his Folsom Prison Blues that Johnny Cash would approve of.

I got to know Casey at open mics at Red Rock Coffee and other places. Casey says Holly is hot, and says rather directly what he’d like to do with her. I keep telling him she already has a boyfriend. Holly would love his music.
Casey’s blog (Check it out for essays, stories, and music.)
Facebook: /caseywickstrommusic
YouTube: /cmwickstrom
Instagram: /caseywickstrom
Twitter: @caseywickstrom

Sorry, Mr. Tovar: an open mic background music lament.

I did a reading tonight from a new Holly story (working title: Super Sleeping Beauty, here is the part I read). It went well, considering that I did NOT expect to be called (I was number five on the waiting list.) The audience looked happy with my story.

nothing-in-los-angelesAnyway. I used background music. The soundtrack for a movie I saw at Cinequest this year: Nothing in Los Angeles by Alexander Tovar. I used Just a Cool (jazzy beat) and Loving in Los Angeles (sweet violins). I met Alexander and he is a nice guy. so I am plugging that soundtrack here. Go to iTunes and check that soundtrack out! Next time I use that music at an open mic, Mr. Tovar, I promise I will mention it!

My lesson: make my announcements just before I start reading! And use more indie type music. We small time artists should support each other.

caseywickstrom-a3373231080_10Another musician at the open mics I go to, Casey Wickstrom, said he’d really like if I’d use his music sometime. He is a fan of my work. Check out Blues Song #666 from his Casey Wickstrom album and you’ll hear why I am a fan of his work!

P.S. I might rewrite part of the story for the Just a Cool track: make it fit the jazzy beat better. Music influences my writing.