Still time for Batton Lash’s Kickstarter!

Batton Lash, story writer and Ditko-esque artist, drew the cover of my book Super Bad Hair Day. He gave me great advice (red cape and up-arrow chest logo for Holly). He created Alanna Wolff, a great female lead and a great lawyer. Super Holly would hire Alanna in a nanosecond.

March 26 is the last day for Batton’s Kickstarter for his latest graphic novel, Grandfathered in. He reached his first goal of $11,000, but has another for $13,000 where he can offer another prize. From the Kickstarter page:

In this full-color original graphic novel, Wolff and Byrd take on a case in which a ghost is literally “grandfathered in” to a home inheritance. Grandpa has died but his ghost won’t leave the house—much to the chagrin of his son and daughter-in-law! Meanwhile at the law offices, the landlord wants Wolff & Byrd to leave because their clients are disturbing the other tenants. Plus: Someone from Alanna’s past comes back to haunt her, Jeff is having family troubles, and intrepid secretary Mavis has her own challenges! Readers can expect lots of plot twists and turns and a surprising revelation. This is the first all-new Supernatural Law graphic novel in 5 years!

If you want a strong, smart, tough female lead and a great courtroom story with the drama of Law & Order (sound effects: BOM BOM!) and the laughs of Seinfeld, read Batton Lash’s Supernatural Law graphic novels. If you contribute to the Grandfathered In Kickstarter, you can get goodies such as the new graphic novel ($25 and up).


Book Signing May 13!

Mark your calendar. On May 13, 2017 10am-4pm, at Round Table Pizza, 37480 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA, authors from the Fremont Area Writers Group and I will eat pizza and sell books. My book is the Createspace printed version of my superheroine stories, Super Holly Hansson in Super Bad Hair Day! This book comes with a CD containing:

  • ebook files: Kindle, epub, PDF.
  • Super Holly artwork from Batton Lash and other artists.
  • Audio versions of my stories: hear me read with a musical score!

At Round Table on May 13, you can likely see me and the other writers do open mic readings! Eat pizza! Buy books! Have authors sign the books! Watch authors doing readings, or as I call it, open mic opera! And especially, meet local authors, storytellers, and poets.

I will be at the Fremont Book Signing on Saturday!

FAW POSTER LIBRARY BOOK SIGNINGI believe one should announce events about a week before, then a day before. I am a little late on the day before. But I will be at the Fremont Area Writers book signing and sale from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016 in the Fukaya Room of the Fremont Main Library at 2400 Stevenson Blvd., Fremont, California, at Stevenson Boulevard and Paseo Padre Parkway. In the photo, I am the guy at the top, in the middle.

There will be several writers there from the Fremont branch of the California Writers Club. We will sell books and do open mic readings. I intend to perform.

I hope I sell books. I spent this week making audio files of my three stories. I made a CD for each Createspace book I had printed, on which I burned ebooks (mobi, pub, PDF), some of Batton Lash’s cool Holly artwork, and my audio readings (with some nice royalty free music) of the short stories Super Bad Hair Day, The Poet and the Supersplainer, and a preview (Chapter Zero) of The Comic Book Code. Super Holly is pretty busy!

P.S. I might have to leave a little early to pick up my cousin at the airport. If you are coming, try to get there well before 3.

P.P.S. (August 7 edit): I sold 2 books. But I have more to learn about sales. Like right after I finish my INCREDIBLE open mic performance, I should make it REALLY clear that the CD included with the book includes three audio story files with neat musical scores. I also had to leave early to pick up my cousin at the airport, and that might have cut into sales. I’ll ask how the others did next time I see them.

My Createspace Unpacking, and the Aug 6 Fremont Book Signing!

I got a package of 20 Createspace copies of for my superheroine Super Holly Hansson’s Super Bad Hair Day! Here is my audience, Tucker and Wrigley, waiting for me to open the box. See how excited they are? Well, they would be if I said, “Walk,” and got out the leashes. (I am doggie-sitting them this evening.)


The box, opened and packing paper removed.


The book and I. My beard is scruffy, my hair is messy, but the book makes me happy. Thanks again to Batton Lash for the wonderful cover art.


I did find one typo to fix, along with a couple minor format issues in one line of dialog. And the font and letter size could look nicer. I blew up the letter size to 14 to fill pages for this little book. The text looks slightly washed out. I will likely work on improving the text and upload that again later. The front and back cover have a nice indie look. I used Comic Sans font there. I am making audio files for each story, which I will burn to a CD and put into each copy I sell on Saturday. From the Fremont CWC newsletter:

The Fremont Area Writers are gearing up for a book signing and sale from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016 in the Fukaya Room of the Fremont Main Library. About a dozen authors will participate. Some will read from their works, including children’s literature, nature, history, super heroes, and religion. The library is located at 2400 Stevenson Blvd., at Stevenson Boulevard and Paseo Padre Parkway.

And I will do an open mic reading! I shall PERFORM!!!





My First Book Signing: How???

Fremont_book_sale_sign_2016 MayThis Saturday, May 7, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Fremont branch of the California Writers Club is having a sale and signing at Round Table Pizza, 37480 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, CA. Come and get some pizza! And when you buy a book, you get a free drink!

Im my case, I will see how well I can sell my self-published eBook short story bundle: “Super Holly Hansson in Super Bad Hair Day, and The Poet and the Supersplainer!” How do I sell it when the other writers have nice, physical, papery books? To entice readers, I can:

  • Print a physical copy for readers to skim, with that wonderful Batton Lash cover of Super Holly in the barber chair, and my barber Lash breaking his scissors on Holly’s super-strong blonde hair.
  • Print a small poster of that wonderful Batton Last cover to entice readers.
  • Print postcards with that cover that I can sign for readers.
  • Do my open mic reading of Harry Headbutt hitting on Super Holly. I love doing that, Holly gets so MAD!

And when I have the reader DROOLING to buy my eBook:

  • The reader buys a copy on Amazon from their smart phone.
  • Or the reader gives me a dollar for a CD with a mobi, epub, and PDF copy of the story. (I will have to see how well that works.)
  • Or the reader gives me a dollar, and I will email him or her a mobi, epub, and PDF copy of the story. Either I bring my computer and email it there, or I take their email address and email them later.

Maybe I’ll become a few dollars richer, and be able to buy a drink with my profits.

P.S. Darn it, this book signing is the same day as Free Comic Book Day! Oh well. I have a few weeks of comic book backlog to read anyhow. And I like hanging with the Fremont writers.

Jigsaw Holly!

The Sunnyvale Art Gallery is a cool place. I have done many open mic readings there. And from now until March 28 (closing reception is 7-9 pm 3/28), they have the Jigsaw Canvas art display. Super Holly Hansson is now in her first public art display.

Here is how the Jigsaw Canvas is built. Artists get a small block of artificial wood upon which to put art: paint, ink, gourds, or in my case, several drawings of Holly printed on paper and glued onto the block. Now Batton Lash‘s artwork of Holly is on public display. If you are within driving distance of Sunnyvale, California, consider taking a look at the Jigsaw Canvas. And even contributing some art! As of now, the Jigsaw Canvas covers two very large walls. If you like a piece of the Jigsaw Canvas, and if the artist gave permission, you can buy it (the money will go to charity).

I was there last Saturday, at the opening reception. I showed off the little part of the Jigsaw Canvas with Holly in it. I was feeling artistic. As artistic as an aspiring writer can get.


Here is the Holly art up close.


Thanks again to Batton Lash for doing this wonderful art for me. I drew his URL onto  the left edge of the block: artists deserve credit! (I put the URL of this blog on there also.) If Batton sells one more book or comics due to the Jigsaw Canvas, I will be happy.


The BIG WOW Comicfest!!! (a San Jose comic book convention)

I went last Saturday and Sunday. The panel on cultural diversity in comics had Damion Poitier (actor and stuntman) and David Williams (artist for Marvel and DC Comics). Both are black. Well, Damion is a bit blacker, and he projected an actor’s voice that needed no microphone. Damion said that writers ought to call him when they have an idea that might be questionable. Like making the new DC Comics Wally West a teen guy of color and (surprise, surprise, I thought it was done to death when I read it) he is in trouble with the law. Sigh. He also said that Luke Cage of Marvel Comics ought to be running some businesses in the hood, not just running another Avenger’s spinoff superhero team. You know what? Much as I like how Luke Cage is done nowadays (the tough guy with a heart of gold, a heck of an improvement over the chain-for-a-belt blaxploitation version from years past), this is a great idea! I asked Damion if he has considered writing. I remember Damion better, although both guys were good. Actors have presence.

trina-and-meThe panel for Creating Comics and Book for all ages had Trina Robbins, writer and HERstorian for over 40 years. The secret to all writing all ages books: Write a good story, and leave out graphic sex and violence. You can have grown-up references (Rocky and Bullwinkle, or Powerpuff Girls and the Beatles episode). Bill Morrison of Bongo Comics (Simpsons and Futurama comic books) said that Batton Lash (cover artist for Holly’s Super Bad Hair Day, and artist/writer for Bongo Comics, Batton does it all!) would ask about events in old Gold Key 1960’s comics; as long as the reader does not have to understand the event to understand the story, it is fine.

Trina pointed out that girls did not like that comic books stores (1) were stuffed with boys and (2) did not smell good, but then came manga that girls love, like Far Away (a girl is blown into another world). Trina does an all-ages book called Chicagoland Detective Agency starring Megan, a vegetarian, manga-reading, haiku-writing teen girl. One story had a witch teen girl who was crushing on Megan: Trina was not to use the L word in the book. Trina had one copy left to sell at the convention. I said I got dibs on the L book! It was a wonderful read, I gotta buy more of her stuff! Trina said that kids tend to read up: tween girls read teen girl comics, teen girls read romance. NEVER write just for kids, that is writing down to them. I gave Trina my Holly business card and showed her Lash’s cover art for Holly’s Super Bad Hair Day. She said Holly’s costume looked tight. Yeah, that is part of the joke about how super heroines are drawn, and part of the burden Holly carries. But Trina seemed to like the idea of Holly, a superheroine with flaws. Maybe I should see if Trina would like to read a Holly story. Maybe Holly should meet a Trina character: Holly would like that. She could learn from Trina. I could too.

boy-artistA nine-year-old artist. He was good. Someday, maybe he will be great.

costume-contestCostume Contest. The guy in red and blue (Bucky Barnes before Winter Soldier) is Dwight, whom I have known for a while. We had dinner at Johnny Rockets.

I asked Morpheus if I should take the blue pill or the red pill. He said it depended on what I wanted.



The presenter did a great job as Zantanna: she looked the part (wow), and she did magic flashes with her hands (WOW). Robocop won the costume contest. He insisted.



I bought a lot of comics and books, figuring that I would not be going to the San Diego Comic Con this year. (I don’t even have a hotel reserved yet!) A few standouts from my purchases:
* The first half of the Bobby London run on Popeye. Excellent.
* Edison Rex, a super villain-turned-hero who gets no heroic respect.
* Terry Moore’s Echo. After I told him that Holly punched her way to the top of my stories, he told me that his character Katchoo took over his comic book series Strangers in Paradise when he had planned on her only being in the few issues. Characters can push the author around. Frank Miller was right about Sin City’s Marv. (Update: I read it all in one sitting, or one lay-in-bedding, lost sleep but worth it.)

I finished by watching The Batman Chronicles, a non-profit fan flick about a younger Batman just starting out, by Actor (he did the Joker, and did a great Joker laugh for us), Producer & Editor Anthony Misiano. Look it up on YouTube, it is worth watching. Anthony said that the Joker is fun to act out because you do not have to hold back.