Holly Smacks Venom by Gazbot!

Gazbot (website, Facebook) drew another wunnerful artwork commission for me (he also did Super Holly hit with Joker Venom). I asked him to draw Super Holly grabbing Venom’s long slurpy scary tongue and punch-punch-punching Venom’s head like a paddleball. Gazbot gets nice details, doesn’t he? I think Super Holly has wanted to do this ever since Venom broke into Mary Jane Watson’s bedroom just to terrify her with his big fangy grin. Super Holly likely said this just before the artwork action: “Oh, you’re so tough, oh you’re so scary. WELL, YOU’RE PLAYING WITH THE BIG GIRLS NOW!!!” I keep imagining the sound effects as: BRUH-DUH BRUH-DUH BRUH-DUH BRUH-DUH BRUH-DUH!!!

Super Holly Hansson hates spiders. They have history. (As historically documented in my upcoming novel The Comic Book Code, Chapter Zero of which I put into Super Bad Hair Day!

P.S. I made nice progress on finally finishing the first draft of The Comic Book Code. Not sure if I will finish by Saturday midnight, but I am likely to come close. I find I have written a lot more than I thought over the years. And I just found that I can both cut one chapter way down, AND I can torture Super Holly by not letting her play in the newly superpowered Comic Convent! WIN WIN!!!

Another Trump-tummy punch! And 3 days to Kickstart SUCKER vol 2!!!

Trump has a tummy that Super Holly loves to punch! John Heebink (instagram, a little bio) sent me this a few weeks ago, and just yesterday I realized I’d forgotten to put it on my blog. I imagine Holly is thinking, “My costume’s riding up again. Totally worth it!” John has done work for Marvel and DC, so maybe my little art commissions are moving up in the world!

Here’s a link to his Kickstarter for SUCKER Vol 2, a nice fun gory vampire graphic novel! From the Kickstarter page:

SUCKER 2: WASTED YEARS is a 64-page, full-throttle grindhouse vampire romp with nudity, dark sensibilities and hideous language topped with a light dusting of social commentary. In terms of tone and content, I like to describe it as The Wolf of Wall Street meets The Tomb of Dracula.

Art from SVCC 2019: Darth and Holly!

(From Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019) Here is art from Chunlin Zhao, a sweet young lady from China whom I asked to draw Darth Vader discovering that his light saber does not work on Super Holly Hansson. Okay, Chunlin drew two e-braclets where Holly has only one, but just look at Holly’s face! Chunin knows what Amanda Conners knows: it is all in the face.

And here is a quickie from Chuck Whelon (instagram). I showed him the Cal artwork where Cal has that glowing circle on his head, and how much I like that even though I am no sure yet what that does. Chuck has a quick mind for one panel cartoons.

My Artless Comic Books panel went well. It helped a lot that the others on the panel knew the subject matter.

More Silicon Valley Comic Con photos. Me at the table where I sold 5 books. Valerie Frankel pointed out that there is a Jewish book on one side on my book and a Nazis-won-the-war book on the other.

Me and a scruffy Ewok.

And someone who does justice to Red Sonja and the silliest supersuit of all time. I have started the story where I stuff Holly into one of those.

Amber artwork: Holly’s first kiss!

Holly’s first kiss in my commissioned artwork. This is from Amber Padilla (her Tumblr), who first drew Kittygirl. She was slightly delayed because life got in her way, so she went wonderfully above and beyond what I expected. I noted how TALL Holly was in the first sketch. I liked that, and I have decided that Cal should be my height: 5 foot 10 (instead of 5 foot eleven). Holly is 6 foot 1. Those are little telekinetic hearts around Holly’s head, and Cal’s Intellecta glow (from his first sketch). I like that glow, but I did not want his white underpants, so Amber went for that jet-black look to polish it off. Well done, Amber, well done!

P.S. Holly is taller, but Cal still wins their sparring matches because Holly’s super-strength cannot harm him (the superoower-soulmate connection). Also, he has exponentially combined every martial art on the planet into Intellecta-karate.

P.P.S. I showed this to my former open mic guy and still friend Casey Wickstrom (guitarist, singer, yoga master). He said, “I hate him.” Casey is a Super Holly fan. He LIKE likes her. I need to put Casey into a Super Holly story.

Cal “The Intellectual” Critbert: first artwork! And more Kittygirl!

It was Free Comic Book Day yesterday. At Comics Conspiracy in Sunnyvale, I got two new pieces of artwork!

I asked Dave Law, artist on The Space Odditorium, to draw Super Holly’s boyfriend and soulmate, Cal Critbert. Cal has never been drawn before. I gave Dave a description from my stories: black body armor (built-in six-pack abs), cowl and black cape, the letter I for the chest logo, and Cal’s main power is super intelligence (yes, that is rather vague). I asked Dave to use his artistic sense. Especially with the cowl, I was unsure how to show super intelligence without turning Cal’s head into a goofy balloon (like the Wizard of the early Frightful Four). That circle on the cowl is intriguing! (A manifestation of super-intelligence? A mental antenna?) And that grim glare and spooky posture, Super Holly would LIKE-like that.

Leann Hill drew Kittygirl sassing Thanos. If Thanos had ever hurt Super Holly, Kittygirl would have gone mommy-cat-crazy and would have had Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet with the hand still inside it. MRRRROWL, HISSSS!!! (I asked for the fangs as well as the claws.)

R.I.P. Batton Lash, Super Holly’s first artist

I just read that Batton Lash, the artist who drew the cover of Super Bad Hair Day, has passed away. Super Holly Hansson is crying herself to sleep tonight.

On my page of Batton’s Super Holly artwork, see the evolution of Batton’s Holly artwork. Batton was a great artist: smart, classy, professional, experienced, and a nice guy. Oh, and he was a great writer too. Read Supernatural Law. I am richer for knowing him, if only at comic cons, and through emails. Holly and I will miss him.

Kittygirl loves wasabi ice cream artwork!

At Campbell Con, I had Nelson Kuang (instagram: BurntGreenTea) draw Kittygirl enjoying an ice cream cone and saying her favorite ice cream flavor. (That is the ice cream that Kittygirl likes in my short story, “The Fiendish Brain Freezer,” in my Super Bad Hair Day book on Kindle. Super Holly likes strawberry.) Nelson put Super Holly in there also, that was nice of him. I love this anime look! Dig those Kittygirl claws!