The Intellecta-camera!

product-test-4I love gadgets like my iPad and Android phone. So when I write my superhero and superheroine stories, I sometimes write fictional technology. I have Cal “The Intellectual” Critbert’s Intellecta-phone, Super Holly Hansson’s e-bracelet, 5D glasses that thrust the audience into a character in the movie, and the artificially intelligent, telepathy driven Intellecta-car (no steering wheel, no gas or brake pedals, and Holly has a crush on it).

SEARCHLIGHT_MKTG_BACK_UI_COMPRESSED_001_1But sometimes the real world catches up, especially in Silicon Valley. I was hunting for my next technical writing gig when I came across a superpowered camera: Light’s L16. 52 megapixel resolution, 5x optical zoom without the lens zooming out of the camera (folded optics!), 15x more light-gathering for low light super-duper-performance, wifi photo sharing, 16 lenses and sensors, 256GB of storage, and a size like a thick cell phone. Wow.

Oh, and you can focus after you take the photo. Yes, AFTER! The camera records not only the scene, but the distances in the scene. It’s like recording a little block of reality in your phone! Remember that Futurama episode where Captain Zapp Brannigan showed a digital space photo? He zoomed way way way in on a tiny spaceship in the photo, and got blocky pixelation. I bet the L16 could fix that problem.

The L16 is not cheap. But I bet professional photographers are drooling. I’d bet that some of that tech will trickle down to smart phones. And Holly’s e-bracelet.

P.S. The L16 uses Android for its operating system. An OS that I like and have worked with. Maybe I should create a superpowered OS in my stories that goes EEEEEEEVIL!!! Or good. Whatever gets the best laugh and/or pathos.

P.P.S. The Light website might need to say the L16 is 16 cameras in one, not just 10. I will ask that if Light calls me in for an in-person interview. That would be sweet.


No more fat phones!

Months ago, I bought an extended battery for my Samsung Galaxy S3. (I have an iPad Air and an Android phone, I like a foot in both worlds.) The battery made my phone fatter. I bought a rubbery protective case so that size, making the phone even fatter. It was not easy stuffing the fat phone with my also-fat business card case into my front pocket. But I had long battery life. I’d go a couple days without charging.

Until a few days ago. After a fresh charge, 12 hours later my phone would say “BAH-DOOP! BAH-DEEP! BAH-DOOP!” (Translation: “I’m hungry! Feed me! I’m hungry!”) The phone’s increasing fatness had burst one side of the case. I opened it. The battery was fatter. As in getting ready to explode, or at least leak corrosive battery juice.

So I put the original battery back in. After months of collecting dust, it still had a 75% charge. Even with my Otterbox protective case, my phone is slimmer. And a slimmer phone feels better, especially when I read a good book on it (“Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain” is fun.) Steve Jobs had the right idea when he wanted the iPad thinner.

No more FAT battery for me (for now). If I run out of power on the go, and I don’t wanna be a wall-hugger like in those Samsung ads, I’ll charge in my car or with my Powerocks Magic Cube 12000 battery. Okay, I like my gadgets, sue me.

If only my pot belly could be slimmed down that easily.

Me at MacWorld/iWorld this week

I have gone to MacWorld every year since before Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. Now it is Macworld/iWorld. And it only fills the smaller hall of the two Moscone Convention Center halls. And it has a real indie flavor to it. Maybe a few too many booths selling iPhone and iPad cases. But I hope it keeps going. I still love it. Here are some highlights.

macworld-2014-scoshe-and-meAt Scosche, I bought the reVOLT car charger and the reVOLT h2 wall charger, which should charge my iPad Air. Other dual USB port chargers can be sneaky: many claim to provide iPad power (10W or 2 amps), but plug in your phone at the same time and your iPad power goes bye-bye. Also, the charger and cable need to be Apple certified or they won’t work with an iPad: when I drove to MacWorld today, my cheap car charger on my iPad kept making the charger on-off-on-off musical note, hence I bought Scosche. I also bought a retractable audio cable and a smartSTRIKE microUSB and Lightning cable. The nice guy at the booth gave me Scosche earphones also. (Hmm, my Android phone takes blurry selfies and washes out display cards.)

I also bought book 2 and 3 of Kevin J McNeish’s iOS App Development for Non-Programmers iBooks. I bought the cool iPad-specialized editions with the nice embedded videos. Sweet! Kevin recommended I buy them at home with my fast WiFi. He was right, if I had bought them there, I’d be standing in dark Moscone, still downloading. As a tech writer who has documented a lot of APIs, I have studied some Objective C, and I have used Xcode. But I wanted cool ways to learn more. Now I got them.

Other stuff: Ring input device on kickstarter where you gesture midair to operate your devices (remember Ed from Cowboy Bebop?). Transporter: private cloud file sharing, very well done. Backblaze: unlimited cloud storage at $5 a month, such a deal. Drobo, for your BIG home storage needs. Grip&Shoot, a Bluetooth control handle/grip for your iPhone (and soon, for your Android phone). And iblazr, a four LED light/flash for your iPhone or Android phone, AND for my iPad, I believe! As Tony Stark said in the trailers for Iron Man 2 when he saw the Black Widow: I want one.

P.S. I handed out a few business cards. Yes, even here, tech writers are treated nicely.

P.P.S. I like having both Android and iOS, but I hope they put better cameras into the large screen Android phones soon. Or maybe I need to learn to use it better? Nah, I want a better camera!

P.P.P.S. A nice lady friend from a writer group did some editing on my Holly vs Karate Queen story. There, now I can add writer tags to this post!