My book review: The Siege, by James Hanna

bullet holes in metal background(I posted this as a review on Amazon. It went through okay. Yay.)

I know James from the Peninsula Writers Club. Among other things, he runs the open mic. His story about the Tea Party guy who grew an extra head was one of my favorites. At the open mic, when James reads, we writers listen. And we are entertained. So I bought this book. I knew I’d find interesting characters in it.

Many of his characters seem to emerge from his years as a department of corrections counselor and as a probation officer. Like in The Siege, with, as James puts it, a towering drag queen named Trinesa. A Conduct Adjustment Board member whose voice was as dry as powder, his gaze as steady as an eagle’s. A squat excitable commander of the prison emergency squads who nodded reverently and positioned his thumbs into the effigy of a steeple. A Henry Yoakum who, when about to testify, looked like a turkey vulture sipping from a well. I can learn from James.

James won’t write a boring prison siege because James knows that characters drive stories. Check him out.

P.S. I mentioned a comedian at the Red Rock open mic in a previous blog post. His name is Ellis Rodriguez at (I wonder if he would like a new friend?). I think that next Monday, he will be headlining at Red Rock, meaning he’ll show up around 9 or so. I think. (I did not make the open mic this week; I was at the South Bay Writers club.)