I voice a bully on HorrorAddicts.net!

Check out Horror Addicts, episode 179!

The cool Emerian Rich asked me to voice a bully in an audio story on this episode of the HorrorAddicts.net show. I tried a few different voices, but settled on a wheezy nasty baby walrus type. I find I am getting more fussy with the sound of my voices. (The story starts at about 34:00, but I recommend starting at 00:00 and listening to the entire show.) Warning for the faint of heart: The girl protagonist has nasty fantasies about getting even with mommy. And other stuff. Well, it is a horror story. I am listening to the end, and wow, this girl is nasty! Hee, hee!

P.S. I have to post the audio story I recorded for the San Mateo County Literary Contest, which was cancelled this year. Or I might need to check the rules to be sure that I an post here and still resubmit it next year. Or I should just record a new story, I am always getting bugged by fellow writers to do more audio. Or… (singing like Fagin from Oliver) I’m reviewing! The situation! Do I post or withhold my mighty tale? Should I hold it! Or release it? Will it win first prize or will it badly fail?

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