What does Steve Bannon sound like?

I don’t know. TV doesn’t help, Bannon has been black-robed Death and Chris Farley. But I won’t look up that voice. Instead, I’ll write him with a John Barrymore (Mr. Potter) voice, which was the template for a great cartoon villain, Simon Bar Sinister. My Bannon character will be a racist with a last name similar to his Brightbutt fake news site. Simon has a delicious evil laugh. I imagine him making Kittygirl and the Puppy Brothers fight like cats and dogs. (Heck, I still have to outline the story.)

Casey Wickstrom’s Kickstarter!

My friend Casey Wickstrom is doing a Kickstarter to help him create his next album, click here to check it out. If you like great guitar and a great singer, consider a contribution. Your ears will thank you forever.

As I have said before (click here), I got to know Casey when he did open mics. And he is so going into one of my future stories. Super Holly Hansson appreciates good indy music. And she’d likely think Casey is cute. As Super Holly once told him, “Hey, Casey! Love your music! Lemme show you how much!” (Holly wraps her arms around him and gives him a big kiss, and he tastes her strawberry lip gloss.) “How do you like that… Hey! Watch where you put those hands, guitar boy!”