My two views of Adam West’s Batman

I was twelve when my dad bought our first color TV, thus making me take Adam West’s Batman TV show even more seriously. I took it straight. I was a smart kid, but I had little sense of campy.

Fast forward to now, the day after Adam West passed, and a little light went out in the world. I still revel in the adventures and excitement of that show. But I now know that Adam West was the Buster Keaton of superhero actors. His voice was an orchestra of heroism and good, brave and bold, strong as steel, rich as Prolific Oven chocolate mocha cake, and brimming with deadpan humor. The straighter the face, the greater the camp.

It is a crime to fanboys that Adam had no cameo in the Tim Burton Batman movie. Furthermore, the Watchmen movie should have been a two parter, and the role of the original Nite Owl should have been expanded and played by Adam West. I wish I had met you, Adam. (I did meet Julie Newmar at a comic con. I bought an 8×10 glossy. But I was too tongue-tied to say anything. Julie still moved and sounded like Catwoman, MRROW!)

P.S. I perfectly understood the subversive humor of George of the Jungle, Superchicken, and Tom Slick. But those were cartoons.

P.P.S. Super Holly Hansson would have loved to meet Adam West. She would have gone all fangirl and super-kissed him.


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