Wanted: An Evil, Trumpy Laugh!

trump-smileMy Donald-Trump-based villain, Billingtons Stumpfinger, needs an evil laugh. The problem is that Trump does not laugh. Google “trump laughing” if you don’t believe me. It’s creepy. (What a surprise.)

I write laughs for my supervillains that fit their characters. Harry Headbutt, the dumb, bullying hulk based on the DaVinci Code cop, has an in-your-face bellow: “BUH-WAH HAW HAW! HARRY ROB BANK, BUY STEAK DINNER, AND NOT LEAVE TIP!” Ice Cream Guy, who has the goofiest superpower of all time, has a chilly, shivering laugh: “HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH! My p-p-p-power is that over all things ice cream!” Bunni Bubblez, the short, super-sexy, mind-controlling bimbo and Super Holly Hansson’s archenemy: “Tee hee! *Giggle!* Tee hee! Now, my boobytized super soldier slaves, smoosh Super Holly with your big strong super muscles, just like you did to those battleships! *Giggle!*”

So what would be the sound of a Stumpfinger laugh? I’ll put my onomatopoeia to work on it. Something rude, loud, interrupting, kinda dumb, maybe cash related.

Should Stan Lee wear a skirt?

bechdel-testThe Bechdel test (from Alison Bechdel‘s comic strip, “Dykes to Watch Out For”) asks whether a work of fiction (1) features at least two women (2) who talk to each other (3) about something other than a man.

Who does Super Holly Hansson talk to for more than a page in my upcoming novel? Dan Mann: Stan Lee mentor. Cal Critbert: Batman / Roger Ebert love interest. Uncle Pops: Patton father figure. My writing FAILS?!?!

I’m thinking about turning Dan Mann into a her. Keep a lot of Stan Lee, but stir in, oh, Trina Robbins for comic book cred. What women have spice? Eartha Kitt? Julie Newmar? Madonna? Whoopi Goldberg?

Hey, my women blog followers! Any advice for a writer who needs good female personality templates?

(Added on Dec. 20: A name like Fran Lee, or Anne Lee? I like the sound of that. The idea is taking root!)

Self-Promo Stories from local authors!

self-promo-book-valerie-estelleLocal to me, anyway. In Valerie Frankel’s just-published book, “Self Promo Stories: Authors’ Boldest, Cleverest & Wackiest Strategies to Sell their Books,” I wrote a short chapter about meeting artists at comic cons and having them draw Super Holly Hansson art. Pick up the book for free at Smashwords! From the book’s Smashwords page:

Looking for wonderful advice on self-promotion? This book has it all: silly hats, theme candy, sandwich board costumes. There’s also plenty of up-to-date social media advice — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogging, KDP days, and more.