Super Holly Hansson is a NASTY WOMAN!!!

Super Holly Hansson has punched, headbutted, crotch-kicked, and telekinetically tongue-clobbered villains. When a supervillain leaped into her body and possessed it, she punched herself black and blue, and then broke her own nose and one of her fingers to convince him that her body was NOT for rent! Holly has a short fuse, and she HATES bullies.

Speaking of bullies, this is Holly just after Donald Trump grabs her, um, what he said. (Drawn by Kriyani Studio, where I bought Special Delivery).


And after Holly belts him in his big fat mouth while properly controlling her super-strength to just spilt both his lips and loosen half his teeth. (Drawn by Matt Hebb, artist for Harry Walton, Henchman for Hire.)


Would Donald take Holly to court? Or would he say he ran into a door because he could not admit that, as Holly would put it, he “got beat up by a girl!”


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