R.I.P. Ron Glass

I love writers as portrayed on TV. On Barney Miller (one of the best cop shows), Ron Glass played Ron Harris, the slightly snooty and perfectly tailored cop who lived beyond his means. In Harris’s more head-swelling moments, he referred to his book, “Blood on the Badge,” as “Bob.”

Here is another Ron Glass role that I loved. Never try to outsmart a mathematician.


Name That Trump!


A writer often searches for just the right word. Or name.

According to wikipedia, cartoonist Al Capp (Li’l Abner) liked to give his incidental characters names that rendered further description unnecessary. I want that for my Donald-Trump-esque supervillain. To repeat myself from a previous post, he eats money to gain superpower.

Here is my current list. I like the first one the most.

  • Billutons Stumpfinger
  • Dollahton Stumpfinger
  • Lootingham Stumpfinger
  • Donald Dimefinger
  • Donald Dwarfinger
  • Ronald Munnymunch
  • Ronald Runtfinger
  • Donald Goldfart
  • Donald Minimitts
  • Donald Orangepuss
  • Donald McDollah
  • Donald Dollahswallah

P.S. On a Selected Shorts reading of John Updike’s The Egg Race, the awful name “Ferguson” belted my ears so many times that I turned off the radio. Say it five times and your tongue will cramp. I wish John had looked further.

What I would miss if I became the next Stan Lee.

Most aspiring authors with unrealistic expectations say, “I’m gonna be the next J.K. Rowling!” Since I write superheroine stories, I prefer to say, “I’m gonna be the next Stan Lee!”

But I had an interview at LinkedIn today for a technical writing job. Tech writing is how I earn my living. The subject came up of what job would be my ideal one. It made me think. And I had to say that even if I became a best-selling author, I would miss technical writing. I love getting to know engineers, working with them, and working with cool tech. (Ah, RhoMobile and its cross-compiler! Write an app once in Ruby, compile to iOS and to Android!)

A theme in my Super Holly stories is that even though Holly’s graphic novel is a best-seller, her day job is being the mightiest super of all, the one they look up to. And Holly can’t hide from being the Superman because my superheroes do not have secret identities, that has been done to death!

I’m a tech writer. I like it. That’s been my day job, and I expect it will always be so.

4 years of Trump? Maybe I can make a buck!

I can write (and maybe sell) more stories where my superheroine Holly Hansson battles Money Man, my Trump-based supervillain. He eats money: the larger the denomination, the more powerful he gets. One idea: put Trump’s grabby misogyny into Money Man instead of just greed and a dash of racism. Another idea: Money Man’s wife can be a beautiful android or Martian, and likely the brains of the outfit because Money Man is dumb. In the comics, Martians (and perhaps sexbots) aren’t. (Hmm, I might have to tweak Money Man’s name if it is in use.)

Trump and his rallies remind of this scene in I, Claudius. Except Trump is more vocal than Sejanus (a young Patrick Stewart!) when his rallies get punchy.

My 2016 vote

ms-trump-600x856Click here to read how I’ll vote. Especially if you want California proposition advice. But if you have not made up your mind about president yet, regardless of your politics, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? It’s Hillary, Trump, third party, or write-in, you should know by now! This is not advice, but to paraphrase Squidward Tentacles, I would rather tear out my brain stem, drag it to the nearest four-way intersection, and skip rope with it, rather than vote for Donald Trump! I hope my Hillary vote will help make misogynists’ slimy, stinky, squirmy little brains explode the same way racist brains exploded with Obama.

P.S. Unlike Ms. Marvel, Super Holly Hansson would not talk it out. In my short story, The Dimensional Dollar (for an upcoming anthology for the South Bay Writer’s Club), Super Holly punches, wrestles, and head-butts my Trumpy supervillain Money Man in the most vicious fight scene I have ever written.

Super Holly Hansson is a NASTY WOMAN!!!

Super Holly Hansson has punched, headbutted, crotch-kicked, and telekinetically tongue-clobbered villains. When a supervillain leaped into her body and possessed it, she punched herself black and blue, and then broke her own nose and one of her fingers to convince him that her body was NOT for rent! Holly has a short fuse, and she HATES bullies.

Speaking of bullies, this is Holly just after Donald Trump grabs her, um, what he said. (Drawn by Kriyani Studio, where I bought Special Delivery).


And after Holly belts him in his big fat mouth while properly controlling her super-strength to just spilt both his lips and loosen half his teeth. (Drawn by Matt Hebb, artist for Harry Walton, Henchman for Hire.)


Would Donald take Holly to court? Or would he say he ran into a door because he could not admit that, as Holly would put it, he “got beat up by a girl!”