New villain: The Stadium Patriot!

wpnan160831I am outlining a short story with a new supervillain: the Stadium Patriot! (Check out Mike Royko’s old article about it.) He twists patriotism into tribalism. Maybe has the entire football stadium join his football-fan, couch-potato, immigrant-hating, Borg-like team. Resistance is futile, you will be patriotic. Maybe a Colin Kaepernick character could be there to fan the conflict, just by sitting quietly while football Borgs bray, in the land of the free and the home of the SHUDDUP AND STAND UP, YOU TRAITOR! After all, Colin and Royko gave me the idea.

I originally thought the Stadium Patriot would be really racist. More likely, he’s about joining the team and hating all other teams. It’s the old writer’s dilemma: characters do not always run where you expect. Just like my Dan Mann character: the more he became like Stan Lee, the more he refused to be a villain. Authors must let characters do what they do.

P.S. Any ideas about the Stadium Patriot? I am a little concerned that his powers of bending crowds into his team might be too similar to the Twisted Tonguester’s power of making people hate, as in my short story in Scripting Change. Warning: Polite ideas will be posted, not so nice will be exterminated!

P.P.S. Super Holly is not fond of football. But she will like baseball games.


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