99 cent book sale from a writer friend, Sept 2-5!

I copied this email into this blog post. I used to go to an open mic hosted by excellent writer James Hanna. Click the book covers for the Sand Hill Press 99 cent sale, especially A Second Less Capable Head (smart shorts) and Call Me Pomeroy (profanely funny!).
You’re not an ordinary reader. These are not ordinary books.
Outside the mainstream of formulaic thrillers, housewife erotica, and ghost-penned celebrity memoirs, there lies a whole new world of books to be discovered. If you find yourself bored with shopworn characters and plots, spend a buck and step into the world of Sand Hill Review Press, where stories are weird, hysterical, magical, and thought-provoking. 
These are not ordinary books. Because you’re not an ordinary reader. 
Please spread the wealth by forwarding this email to family, colleagues, or friends. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and is much appreciated.   

Sand Hill Review Press



.99 cent sale from September 2 – 5

and Other Rogue Stories

by James Hanna

“The mark of an author at the peak of his literary powers, there are scant few tales that won’t linger beyond the page. Without a doubt, A Second, Less Capable Head delivers one of the most powerful and cutting collection of stories you will ever read.” – BookViral


Also try these titles from James Hanna– all .99 cents Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
Call Me Pomeroy is the anarchist’s last laugh at the bulls*** middle-class power structure that smugly believes it’s already gotten the best of us. It is a fart in the scuba-tank of institutional decorum. A bawdy, brawling, middle finger to the vapidity of modern civilization. In short, this compact, tightly-written book is high-voltage entertainment that shocks the senses and leaves you seeing stars.
Robert McGuill
Hurry! On sale this weekend only!
The Siege

A Psychological Thriller

The Siege is a harrowing, horrific and and utterly enthralling story of a corrections officer charged by superiors and inmates with the impossible task of bringing about a peaceful ending to a violent uprising at a high security prison. Tom Hemmings, carrying deep distrust of the establishment nurtured in his 1960s youth, finds himself forced to make troubling moral choices and Faustian pacts in his attempt to save lives and stay alive. As if his task was not difficult enough, Hemmings finds himself faced with the festering consequences of corruption, racism, greed and union conflicts that are quite literally institutional in every sense. This epic story is populated with characters as shocking as they are memorable, from Chester Mahoney (nicknamed the ‘Deacon’) the sycophantic yet eloquent prison informer with a background in rural preaching and paedophile tendencies who is pivotal in inmate-prison communications, to the stealthy, psychopathic Yoakum, a trigger happy officer who shoots inmates for sport. The tense, earthy dialogue sparks with linguistic electricity and the vivid and evocative imagery bring the setting and the characters to life in 3D ‘surround sound.’ A masterpiece.

— Bookworm

.99 cents on Kindle this weekend
Just .99 cents this weekend!
Just .99 cents this weekend!
Just .99cents this weekend!
To learn more or read a sample on Amazon, either click on each book cover or go to the Sand Hill Review Press website.
Sand Hill Review Press….. Always a good read!

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