New Super Holly Art!

Holly-talk-to-the-handsI went to the Bay Area Comic Con in San Leandro today. It was small and cozy. Dealers selling comic book back issues and various toys, um, excuse me, action figures. But no comic book writers, and I really missed that. But I did meet artist Robert (BigRob) Beltran who was selling and making art, and he drew some nice Super Holly art for me for a reasonable price. I asked for a boxer pose, a catchphrase, and a beaky nose. I like how Rob added a blue glow to Super Holly Hansson: that fits Holly’s telekinetic power.

I had a nice talk with him. He liked what I told him about Super Holly, or maybe he was being nice to a geeky writer babbling a little about his pet project. Anyhow, here is his careful, three step process.

Step one: sketch.


Step two: color.


Step three: show off a masterpiece.


This little comic con also had a costume contest. I voted for the lady dressed as Galactus. (The REAL version, not the stupid cloud version in the movie!) She won. In the photo below, she is holding a planet in her hand. A mere snack!

bay area comic con galactus




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