Super Bad Hair Day: revised Createspace cover!

My interior text for Createspace went okay. I used a 6×9 Word template from Createspace.  But my cover? Not so much.

I tried using my cover from my Kindle book. The cover came out printable, but it had a white border, and the back cover was blank (except for the ISBN).

So I generated (depends on page count) and downloaded the 6×9 book cover template  from Createspace. Then I used Gimp. Fortunately, Batton Lash also gave me the Photoshop version of the Kindle cover, so I imported it into Gimp and resized it to 6×9, 300 dpi. Then I figured out how to import the Kindle cover into the book cover template, moved it to the front cover, and wrote text on the back cover (along with Holly’s “eyes up here” art). At 66 pages, this book will not have a printable spine (130 pages minimum).

I used this from YouTube to get a general idea of how to start. I did have to look up how to import and then how to move the Kindle cover art.

And I used this to figure out the bugs for adding text (the text was coming out too tiny until I watched this).

I had to figure out a few other things, like whiting out the background and moving stuff around (the move tool, dummy!) and the like. So in 24 hours, I will see how it looks. I hope it looks better.


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