Super Bad Hair Day: second edition!

I have republished Super Holly Hansson in: Super Bad Hair Day. My changes:

  • I added Chapter Zero of The Comic Book Code.
  • I made several minor edits suggested by a fellow member of the South Bay Writers Club (I will post about that soon).
  • I fixed a few typos (GRR, I can’t believe a few sneaked into the first edition!). Running both the Storyist and Microsoft Word spelling checker helped me squash typos.

And I created a version of this on Createspace. (It is under review, I hope it will print okay.) A few comments on that:

  • Since I write in Storyist, I copied the story into a 6×9 Microsoft Word template that I downloaded from Createspace.
  • When I reviewed the uploaded interior contents, I had to adjust the page numbers and add the ISBN numbers in the original Word file, and upload again.
  • I had to create a new Createspace account even though I had a Kindle account. And I made sure to enter my royalty information right away.
  • I set the price at $6. The minimum allowed was about $5.40. More expensive than I like, but I can live with it.
  • I hunted for a webpage with the steps listed out, but did not find it. I found the video below very helpful. For example, he suggested that I have my Amazon page for my Kindle version open so I could cut and paste most of the data.


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