I ain’t afraid of no troll!

trumpbustersTroll buster #1: I have a theory about trolls hating the new Ghostbusters movie. The main villain (tiny spoiler here) is a pasty white guy who thinks he is entitled to the world’s respect. Trolls hate seeing themselves on big movie screens, it’s like Dracula cringing from a cross. They hate being proved wrong, as in Ghostbusters has big fat box office and high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. And they hate when those whom they trolled hit back, as with Richard you’ll-never-be-Roger-Ebert Roeper and Milo racist-sexist-Buttburper Yiannopoulos (there is nothing willfully stupider than a gay man sucking up to the radical right). Roeper smacked by feminists? Milo kicked off Twitter? That’ll ruin my sleep for several seconds.

Troll buster #2: How dare the Republican National Convention take place in the same week as the San Diego Comic Con! Typical bullies, grabbing media attention from the biggest geekfest in the world! And why is the RNC called a convention, they’re the guys who put the “con” into convention! (How do you know when Trump is lying? His lips move. http://www.factcheck.org/person/donald-trump/, and Google “Trump fact check”.) One good thing: as a liberal to the left of most Democrats, having watched those RNC trolls will make it a lot easier for me to vote for Hillary. Thank you, trolls, for making up my mind for me.


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