My Adventures of Superman Binge!

adventures-of-superman-george-reevesMy cousin asked me to house-sit for him. So it is me, his big house, and no cable. Just digital antenna. And Hulu and Netflix, but none of them this weekend. I am watching a marathon of “The Adventures of Superman” starring George Reeves.

The problem with that show is that there was rarely a sense of danger. Superman is bulletproof, lightening-proof, and room full of deadly radiation lightening proof. Superman flies to rescue Jimmy and Lois, crooks shoot at Superman, Superman stands with a “Hoo Hum” facial expression, the end. Almost made me add it to my list of old science fiction shows that do not withstand the test of time. A few shows had some danger, kryptonite and the like. Reduce the “Hoo hum” to “Hum.”

But some of these shows were gobs of goofy fun! I just watched “Flight to the North,” first aired on 10/1/1955, it’s a tad older than I am. Chuck Connors played a hillbilly to the Li’l Abner hilt (wish he’d done more comedy roles). A hotel manager was stunned to read the name that Chuck wrote on the register—Sylvester J. Superman—and asked him to bend a conveniently nearby iron bar. “Yew city folks shore larn fast! How’d ja know ah wuz the strongest man in Skunk Hollow County?” said S.J. Superman as he bent the bar into a U with a CREEEEEK!

There was also a gangster who reminded me of Gunther Toody from “Car 54, Where Are You?” He just got out of prison after five years, and he told a friend what he missed the most: “Lemon meringue pie!” He even tried to shake down a lady friend for one such pie that she baked for her finance. Was he jealous of the guy who was getting the girl? No, but he chased that pie all the way to Alaska. (Sylvester took it there for her: “Alasky? That’s mighty fur, ma’am!”) Pie is delicious motivation for a criminal! (Somehow that pie got to be worth $25,000 to him. Maybe it was a bet? Must be pretty good pie.)

I gotta throw some old fashioned goofy gangsters at Holly. I have an Edward G. Robinson type in mind: “Yeah, yeah, Rocky doesn’t like super dames, yeah, yeah!”

In another episode, Superman disposed of a liquid about to explode by drinking it. Holy heartburn, Superman! Later in the show, another beaker of explosive liquid is about to go BOOM! George Reeves lifts it to his lips, looks pained, and says, “Oh no, not again.” He puts it down and hustles everyone outside of the cabin, which goes BOOM.

And I gotta have Holly drink explosives sometime, except she’ll have to keep drinking. I could tie that into my dislike for the taste of beer. She’ll hate me, but I’ll giggle.

Okay, now you know what inspires older nerdy writers. Goofy older TV.

The Puppy Brothers are now in Carry the Light 2016!

carry-the-light-2016I previously mentioned that in the 2016 San Mateo County Fair Literary Contest, I won both honorable mention (print version) and first prize (my audio reading) for the Puppy Brothers (Tucker and Wrigley) in my short story, “The Malevolent Mystery Meat!”

You can now buy the print version from Amazon. I was asked to format it as a radio script. That is how it is printed in the book Carry The Light 2016.

This book has plenty of great stories, essays, and poetry from local writers. I highly recommend “Character Flaws” by Sumiko Saulson. A short story that lets non-writers feel how characters run around in a writer’s head. It’s educational, a little scary, and a lot of fun.

P.S. When my dramatic and exuberant audio reading of my story goes online, I will post a link to that. I read parts of “The Malevolent Mystery Meat” at the San Mateo Fair. The audience liked it.

I will be on a Literary Winners Circle Panel!

first-placeAt the San Mateo County Fair’s Literary Stage, I will on the Winners Circle panel this Saturday, June 11, from 4:30 to 5:30. There will also be a winners reading from 4 to 4:30, and 5:30-7, but I am not sure if I will be doing any readings yet. (I think it is likely.)

I am on the panel with other winners because my Audiobook script, The Malevolent Mystery Meat, won both 1st place in the category of Digital Media Online and Honorable Mention for Science Fiction/Fantasy short story.

The panel’s theme is inspiration. A lady in my critique group had a story of kids with puppy behavior. I had written my Kittygirl story, and I wanted to write more like that. My cousin has two dogs, Tucker and Wrigley, whom I have taken care of when my cousin and his family go on vacation. He also has two boys, and I have two nephews, so I have observed young brother and doggie behavior. Hence, two puppy-powered brothers.

Then Michael Moore, in his latest movie, showed how icky American school lunches can get. Hence, the malevolent mystery meat.

The story went over very well at my open mics. I used The William Tell Overture as background music. Hi-yo, Tucker, away!

More on the San Mateo County Fair’s Literary Stage:

Wednesday, June 15, from 7:30 to 9, I will participating in the open mic readings.

Thursday June 16, from 7-8:30, I will be doing a reading from my Fault Zone story, The Sinister Soul Surfer!

X-Men: Apocalbully.

apocalypseI liked Captain America: Civil War. Fun ensemble fight scene, a decent take of the old Civil War story line (I was wondering how’d they spin its old “take off the mask or go directly to jail” storyline), and Spider-Man and Ant Man were a hoot! (I gotta develop my bug-based super.) And by the way, Abigail Nussbaum, as far as you saying it is really about men who solve their problems with violence instead of talking, the TV show At Midnight said it best: no one would sit through over two hours of Captain America: Civil Discussion.

I have not seen X-Men: Apocalypse yet, but I remember not reading every comic book Apocalypse strutted into. The big and really really really really really powerful mutant who thinks genocide is a snazzy way to accomplish world harmony. He’s John Galt without the 40 page screed and with so much superpower that the writers can’t figure out exactly what those powers are. (Decades later and I still don’t know and Wikipedia is kind of iffy.) Maybe one of them is mutant jumping-jacks, why else would his elbows and hips be cabled together? Every time I thumbed through those old X-comics (on the rack, try before you buy!), Apocalypse was standing tall, puffing out his chest like a teen bully about to shove a nerd into the swimming pool, and telling me how he was going to mutantly and powerfully destroy lots of people. I remember what Red Mask said about Captain Triumph in Grant Morrison’s Animal Man: “Nice guy, but he had the personality of a deck chair, you know?”

And that movie preview scene where Apocalypse is choking Mystique? Holly would kick him square on the nose. Hard. Sonic boom, 9.9 on the Richter scale hard. Super Holly Hansson hates guys who pick on people who cannot bench-press as much as they can. As a writer, she’d hate a boring bully worse.

Apocalypse, watch Biff in the Back to the Future movies. You can learn something.

P.S. I reserve the right to take some of this back if I like the movie.