A quick Holly sketch

Holly-hypnotic homocide kristi batz zerga smallAt little comic cons, I have had artists do quick Holly sketches. Here’s one from Kristi “Batz” Zerga who drew it on her Hypnotic Homicide graphic novel. I showed her one of my Holly “eyes up here” cards, and said Holly has a bit of an attitude.

I think Kristi nailed Holly’s attitude toward Donald Trump. And anyone who votes for Donald Trump. And gamergaters. And Ayn Rand male protagonists. And mansplainers. And man-spreaders. And guys who tell others to “Man up,” thus insulting half the population of the planet on a regular basis. And the list goes on…

P.S. The suit is a bit tight. I always imagined Holly’s supersuit as a form-fitting sweatsuit, like Power Girl’s (without the window).


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