The Puppy Brothers prizes, audio and prose.

the far side cat bigger

Audio and prose. There is a difference.

My short story, “The Puppy Brothers in: The Malevolent Mystery Meat!”, won two prizes at the 2016 San Mateo County Fair literary contest. The text story won honorable mention in a short story division. And my reading won first prize in the audio story division.

The honorable mention and the first prize shows the differences between a text story and an audio story. In my case, the story really came to life with my reading, although the story was exactly the same, word for word, in both versions. A judge said of the text version, “Great creativity but the story needs work. So much emphasis has been placed on the comic book style that story elements suffer. Please share this comment with the author.”

Message received with thanks! I am thinking that an audio story needs to be lean, while text needs the usual description, internal monolog, and other literary stuffing that good prose needs. My 2500 word story reading came in at about 15 minutes; getting a lot longer would really push the listener’s patience. Comic book style leans toward a script style of writing, but prose needs proper literary trickery to be fatter, juicier, BIGGER! So I will rewrite accordingly. My Kittygirl and Puppy Brothers stories would make a great story bundle.


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