Pitof and Bay: My worst nightmare!

Saw a little bit of the Catwoman movie on TV again. I remembered why I loath it. Saw a little Transformers also. And I had a thought that made me shudder.

Catwoman movie, directed by Pitof. Basketball scene. TOO! MANY!! CUTS!!! Do not watch if you are epileptic. (Read my review here.)

Transformers Dark of the Moon, directed by Michael Bay. Final battle scene. Robots vomited up by a junkyard. They fight like ax-heaving WWF wrestlers. Villain’s voice is deep macho gargling with gravel. Every line is a cliche: “You could never make the hard decisions!” “There can only be one!” “Who would you be without me… BROTHER?” “You didn’t betray me, you betrayed yourself!”

I beg of you, Pitof and Michael Bay, do not have a baby together. It would be the Antichrist, and its first (and last) movie would turn the audience into an anti-matter hellhorde. Earth go KAH-BOOM!!!


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