My Cinequest 2016 Likes

cinequest2016-mindbendersI have been slow rating what I have seen at Cinequest 2016. Here is what I have really liked so far.

How To Plan An Orgy In A Small Town. I grew up in a small town. This town looked better than mine. There is a real affection for the small town characters. And I got to see some of them do an ORGY!!! I rated it highly, it’s a feel good movie, and what makes you feel better than an orgy?

The Brainwashing of My Dad. Young woman’s dad goes right-wing dittohead after listening to Fox Snooze and Rush. She studied the right-wing media machine: over 90% of radio talk shows being right-wing is spooky. So is so many old white males swallowing any lies spewed at them, what is WRONG with you guys? I am 60 but my brain has filters, GO GET SOME! Happy ending: the dad went back to normal after his wife took away his Fox.

Mindbenders shorts. Short films to stretch the mind. I took a selfie (bad focus, darn it) with two guys who did shorts, both named Monster. The one on the left did a spoof of Godzilla, the middle guy’s flick was about a boy whom monsters under the bed would be wise to avoid. (He recognized me from a comic book shop, fanboys are great.) My fave was How Deep Can I Go: best twisted musical number I have seen in years.

Love Is All You Need? Simple idea: show a world where homosexual is the norm and heterosexual is gay. Turns the tables, and (excuse the pun) it is played straight. (I admit if I wrote this, I’d go for laughs.) I talked to Kim Shields (director) briefly: the inspiration for this was bullying. It hit the heart: it got tears from the audience, and I wanted to jump onto the screen with a baseball bat and give the bigots a wood shampoo.

Chuck Norris Vs. Communism. How can I NOT see that? About how videotapes of American TV and movies translated for Romania helped overthrow the rotten dictator. YAY!

Buddy Solitaire. A story of a flawed comedian, and it had an impact on me. I will rewrite my novel to put a BIGGER flaw into Super Holly Hansson: her helping to bring superpower to the fanboys should have a sneakier and selfish ulterior motive, and it should get her in TROUBLE with the fanboys later on.

Transfixed. A little transsexual slice of life. I was rooting for her.

I missed the Sally Field movie (Hello, My Name Is Doris) about the older woman pursuing the younger man. Darn it.


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