Michael Moore: My Superhero!

397-mooreMichael Moore is one of my heroes. He makes documentary movies starring working stiffs trying to make it but getting stiffed by one percenters. (One percenters make Super Holly’s bulletproof skin crawl.) Stiffed as in bankrupted by health care and school loans when every other industrial country in the world provides those as a right (go, Bernie!). And serve school lunch slop that no European kid would touch. And poison drinking water because a town’s population happens to be mostly black.

Huff, puff, wheeze! Now you know why I don’t blog about politics anymore, too depressing and preachy, who needs that? But Moore’s movie that is coming out Friday, Where To Invade Next, is said to be his funniest yet. Michael is ill this week (as in he was in intensive care), and he cannot do the usual TV shows to promote the movie. On his Facebook page, he asked little working stiffs like me to help out. For example:

Post reviews. Rottentomatoes gives it a 76 percent rating. Pretty good considering that one percenter lackeys turn into toxic waste when discussing Moore, like the old white fart reviewer from, surprise surprise, The Wall Street Journal. Holly needs to punch a few of those guys.

Post the trailer. Here it is. So watch the trailer. Then see the movie.

Why is Michael Moore a superhero? Because he fights for truth, laughter, and what ought to be the American way.

P.S. To you dittoheads and Trump-eaters out there (I made the second name up, sounds awful, right?), try to say one nasty word about Michael Moore on my territory, and not only will you fail to get on my blog, but I will steal your lines, put them into a disgusting supervillain’s mouth, and smile when I write Super Holly kicking the crap out of you. So don’t… wait a second. Do it. Please, please do it!

P.P.S. Maybe this supervillain should be licked into submission by the two little boy supers, the Puppy Boys. He (or she) would be a supervillain who corrupts school kids by feeding them super-sugary, disgusting school lunches. “Eat my super slop, kiddies and become my super-hyper ditto slaves, hahahaha!” (Inspired by how one of my cousin’s kids behaved when he drank two root beers while we tried to watch the Superbowl, I lost count of his couch backflips at a dozen.) I do not mind throwing out ideas. Dime a dozen.

P.P.P.S. In my P.S.s, you just watched me form a short story idea. I needed an opponent for the Puppy Boys, and Michael Moore’s fighting for the regular guy against the rich and their lackeys just inspired me! The writing creative process! Thanks, Michael! (Time will tell if this idea works out. Next step is to outline it.)



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