Boys inspire stories and raise blood pressure

Watched the Super Bowl at my cousin’s place, with his two little boys. They talked a bit loud, crashed toy cars together, threw stuffed animals, and otherwise raised their daddy’s blood pressure. At their bedtime, I read some of my stories to them. They are a good audience, and sometimes tough. Whenever they looked bored, I skipped slow talkie parts and read fast punching parts. Good to know when I write more kid superheroes.

They asked me if I might write them into one of my stories. I said I’m inspired by little boy behavior. Holly’s future little super-strong son should talk loud, somersault on the couch, dress and punch like Batman, throw toy cars through the wall, and otherwise drive mommy crazy.

P.S. Got another idea for a super kid. Puppy Boy, with doggie powers. A big power would be his long, snakey, licky tongue. Snoopy could defeat Lucy with his licking.

P.P.S. I am not scared to blab ideas. They’re a dime a dozen.



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