Actress advice: ladies should not fight. Each other.

I am late putting up links for recent local comic cons and for the San Jose Film Festival. This one’s for the film fest.

Actress Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time, and guest of honor at the San Jose Short Film Festival) said in her interview that in her business, and lots of other businesses, the men tend to band together and support each other, while the women tend to fight each other. Jennifer wants women to support each other.

That got me thinking. This fighting against one’s peers would not work with most writers: when one author wins, other authors do not lose. With writing, a rising tide really does raise all boats. That envy would fit right into Bunni Bubblez, Holly’s mortal super-enemy. But Holly would never envy other writers who did better than her in her genre, because she knows that it means people are reading, and someone succeeding in her genre means that readers would be more likely to find (and BUY) her work.

This might be something I add to a female character. But not Holly, her writer mentality is strong. Oh, and guess why I want other prose action-adventure-comedy superhero and superheroine stories to succeed?

P.S. Jennifer showed a short film she made: Warning Labels. It was a HOOT! Life would be easier if everything had a warning label. Here’s the trailer.


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