A couple of lady writers at Cons

the-forgotten-rl-kingAt Wizard Con in San Jose, I talked briefly with R.L. King, a local lady writer (check out her webpage). Click the book cover to buy her books! She likes Doctor Who,so I asked her if she would like to see The Doctor regenerate at a woman. I asked because I like the idea: time lords can change gender, and it would add an interesting spin on Doctor Who. R.L. King did not like the idea because she did NOT want The Doctor to be sexualized. The Doctor, in a low-cut blouse? Or a thong … wait, that would be a superheroine. She makes a good point.

At Convolution 2015, I went to a the Women of Marvel panel. Every panelist a woman except for one guy who thought Sue Storm should kick Reed Richards to the curb. It was a fun panel. Sumiko Paulson was there,sumiko-at-san-mateo-fairanother local writer whose books I really ought to start reading (I started one and liked how it started with gods and then got right back down to Earth). She did a short autograph session later, and I asked her why she writes what she writes (stuff that goes bump in the night). She mentioned that there has been trauma in her life, and this is a way to process it. Interesting. I lead kind of a dull life (not that I mind). So she writes the spookier stuff, while I write more superheroine comedy. Maybe this is a reason I see a lot of women writing horror. (Click on her to buy her books!)

P.S. I asked Sumiko if she’d consider writing some superheroine stuff. Not her preference. Oh well, did not hurt to ask.I think the answer to diversity is not for me to write female or black or gay characters (although I am doing or gonna do it anyhow). It is for there to be more female/black/gay writers! I could not stop writing Holly, though. She’d punch her way out of my head if I stopped.

P.P.S. I sent a final draft of a story to Fault Zone, and I will soon send another to Scripting change [edit: I sent it the next day].Then, back to the novel, and also post a couple stories on Kindle. Under (voice change to Darth Vader asking Luke to take Vader’s mask off) MY OWN NAME!

P.P.P.S. A week and a half since my last post. Too long.


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