A brush with Batgirl.

yvonne-craig-coverAt WonderCon many years ago, when it was still in San Francisco (WHERE IT BELONGS!!!), I stopped at a table where Yvonne Craig was selling her memoir. The first question I asked was if she could still kick up that high. She said not in what she was currently wearing (I think it was a modest dress).

We talked a little, me making sure I was not blocking any traffic or potential customers. I do not remember the contents of our talk, but she was sweet, smart, and gracious.

I bought her book. It was a great read. Funny and candid. She was not afraid to tell a few of her shortcomings in her tryouts. Nor some of the trials and tribulations that actresses go through. But she had happiness in her acting career, she rated James Coburn as the best kisser. From Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond is a fun insider view of acting. She obviously loved life, she wrote with such joy. I always wanted to meet her again and tell her how much I loved her book. That never happened.

I loved her Batgirl performance, what young red-blooded geek guy wouldn’t? I still remember when Batman asked how she found him and Robin at this week’s fiendish trap. “With something you won’t find in that utility belt, Batman.” (Adam West Batman searched his utility belt for a moment.) And she finished: “A woman’s intuition.”

P.S. I do not know where to buy this book now. Amazon sells it in the $200 range, and her website’s book page is down for maintenance. Another reason why I want my stories in ebooks.


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