A brief post: movies and feedback

I noted that a few radio DJ jerks got obnoxious with the actors who play Johnny and Sue Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. (Salon link: How can you be black and she be white, that boggles our little DJ brainzzzz!!! (Another Salon link) And girl, you are so HAWT I wanna kiss yer toes! (I linked because you should not take my word for it.) Gee, rude DJs, who’d have thunk it?

Still need to see Ant Man. I do not want to see Pixels (even with the always cool Peter Dinklage), low Rotten Tomatoes rating and it always bugs me when girls are just trophies for guys.

I joined a new local feedback group for writers. I showed the first quarter of KIttygirl two weeks ago (they loved it), and the second quarter last Saturday (some were tougher on it). I got some good advice. If you are starting to write, I can think of no better advice than to have other writers critique your work.

P.S. I still worry about Reed “Mr. Fantastic” Richards (looks WAY too young!) and Ben “The Thing” Grimm (does NOT look like a burly but lovable curmudgeon!). Will they get it right this time? Rotten Tomatoes does not have a rating yet, and it opens Friday. Not a good sign.




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