Book Review: Redemption (The Many Deaths of Dynamistress Book 2)

Redemption-Dynamistress-book-2Redemption (The Many Deaths of Dynamistress Book 2) drew me more into Dynamistress’ world. I discovered more about her and her teammates, and what I discover is not always what I expect. And not always happy. (Poor little cat girl.)

Dynamistress is still flawed, still trying to be a hero, and is still more of a hero than she can admit to herself. The memoir approach to the story works, although in this book, we get into the first person point of view of a few more characters. Having mental narration from more than one “I” can be tricky, but this book pulls it off smoothly.

Redemption feels like the middle of a trilogy. Mostly because it is. But also because the storyline is not the typical three act story structure. It is several events in Dynamistress’ life. These events are sequential, most lead to the next event. Still, in the hands of a less skilled writer, I would expect that to lead to a disjointed and bumpy story. But this works. It feels more like real life, and real life can be bumpy.

There are things set up that I KNOW will be dealt with in book three. It does not look like it will be a happy book. But I know I will DEVOUR book three when it comes out.

I originally, and accidentally, gave the book 5 stars due to my putting the review for book one in the wrong place on Amazon. But I cannot see any reason to take off any stars, even with what I mentioned in the storyline: that still works. I look forward to meeting the author (Vincent M. Wales) again at a comic con and talking about that. Nice guy. I’m writing superheroine stories also (more comedic, I like to laugh), and I can learn from him.


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