Novel progress: a big milestone knocked over

I have done the final pass on my novel’s outline. Removed a couple more unneeded chapters, smoothed over the plot, have written the outline beats for every chapter, and made sure to show foreshadowing where it is needed.

Sure, I will find more to fix up, but those will be minor details. Now I can get back to my goal for Fanboys Shrugged: have a complete first draft by late October. I’ll still work on my short stories, but it is time to be an aspiring novelist again. So much I can’t wait to write!

P.S. I changed the title from The Comic Book Code to Fanboys Shrugged a few months ago. A better fit for the theme that has entered the book: the Hollywoodization of the San Diego Comic Con. (And yes, I’d still love to go back, crazy as it is. Maybe next year?)


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